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Face of Honor


Genre: Band
# of Players: Standard
Level: 4 | Duration: 10:30
Publisher: C. Alan Publications | Copyright: 2010

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Notes & Instrumentation
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  • Notes & Instrumentation

    Based on the bugle call "Taps," this is a powerful composition honoring a young sergeant who lost his life in Iraq. The opening fanfare of Face of Honor is reminiscent of Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" with the thunderous interjections by the battery percussion. A lovely lyrical melody emerges as the piece progresses that is filled with warmth and compassion giving the piece even more depth.

    Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard
    Level: 4 | Duration: 10:30

    Flute 1
    Flute 2
    Bb Clarinet 1
    Bb Clarinet 2
    Bb Clarinet 3
    Bb Bass Clarinet
    Eb Alto Saxophone 1
    Eb Alto Saxophone 2
    Bb Tenor Saxophone
    Eb Baritone Saxophone

    Bb Trumpet 1
    Bb Trumpet 2
    Bb Trumpet 3
    F Horn 1
    F Horn 2
    Trombone 1
    Trombone 2
    Trombone 3
    T.C. Baritone

    Timpani (4 drums)
    Percussion 1 (Snare Drum, Bells)
    Percussion 2 (Snare Drum, Bass Drum)
    Percussion 3 (Snare Drum, Suspended Cymbal, Crash Cymbals)
    Percussion 4 (Snare Drum, Triangle)
    Percussion 5 (Bells)
    Percussion 6 (Field Drum (off-stage), Tam-Tam, Snare Drum)

    Program Notes
    Face of Honor was composed “in honor of Sgt. Michael C. Hardegree and all the soldiers that have given the ultimate gift to their thankful nation” and was commissioned by the Harris County High School Band, Miranda Bass, director. Sgt. Hardegree, or Mikey as his family and friends called him, died in Iraq at the age of 21 on September 10, 2007. He was a member of the famed U.S. Army 82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers. In many ways this young man represented all our young soldiers serving in our military, hence the title. There are, however, elements in this work that represent direct ties to Sgt. Hardegree. Michael Hardegree was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery very near WW II veterans whom he revered.

    The composition is based on “Taps,” the traditional bugle call played at military funerals. Although “Taps” actually never appears in the work (aside from a short quote near the end), practically every element of the work from the overall key structure to the actual thematic material is derived from this traditional bugle call. The work consists of five basic sections and includes brief quotes from the U.S. Army’s official song (The Army Goes Rolling Along – also know as The Caisson Song), and a full chorus of the official Army hymn (God of Our Fathers) reharmonized by the composer. The composition also includes two fanfare motives, one representing Sgt. Hardegree (strong and proud), and the other representing all military men and women. Mikey loved music and was a percussionist in his high school band. The use of drums in the work is both personal and global, and although completely original, was inspired by traditional “call and response” ceremonial drumming and by Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man.” The intent of this work is to touch the listener in a personal and optimistic way, and is balanced with celebration and sadness all the while retaining a single, steady tempo. The composition’s tempo indication includes the stylistic directive “Proud and Steadfast” which summarizes the overall impact of the work.

    - Robert Rumbelow

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