Grade 5

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  • Foundations (Band Gr. 5)
    Foundations (Band Gr. 5) $120.00 Choose Options
    Foundations is a fantasy on the popular hymn The Church's One Foundation. This challenging work for symphonic band features Gillingham's signature percussion writing and beautiful scoring in the context of a powerful tone...
  • In the World of Spirits (Wind Ensemble)
    In the World of Spirits (Wind Ensemble) $180.00 Pre-Order Now
    Inspired by the spirit beliefs of the Plains Indians, In the World of Spirits represents the energy, terror and drama in a world of pure being.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 5 | Duration: 11:00...
  • Listen! (Band Gr. 5)
    Listen! (Band Gr. 5) $110.00 Choose Options
    This work is dedicated to the hard-working musicians who conduct and play in high level school and community ensembles. The opening drum statement is taiko like. The fanfares are ebullient and strong. Some sections should...
  • Mono/Pastel (Band Gr. 5)
    Mono/Pastel (Band Gr. 5) $140.00 Choose Options
    With two contrasting movements full of modern harmonies and catchy rhythms, this piece would make a great addition to a advanced high school or collegiate concert.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 5 | Duration:...
  • Shine On! (Band Gr. 5)
    Shine On! (Band Gr. 5) $92.00 Choose Options
    Written to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the East Aurora High School Band Program (Illinois), Shine On! intermingles motives from the school's fight song with original themes by the composer into an energetic,...
  • Spacious Skies (Saxophone Quartet & Band)
    Spacious Skies (Saxophone Quartet & Band) $175.00 Pre-Order Now
    Spacious Skies is dedicated to Colonel Larry H. Lang and the United States Air Force Band (Washington D.C.) in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the United States Air Force.Genre: Saxophone Quartet with Band | # of...
  • Tent Meeting Revival (Euphonium & Wind Ensemble)
    Tent Meeting Revival (Euphonium & Wind Ensemble) $170.00 Pre-Order Now
    Tent Meeting Revival is an extended character piece in which the soloist takes the part of the preacher cajoling, leading and exhorting the faithful through hallelujahs, prayers, and enthusiastic devotion during an...
  • Turbulence (Solo Tuba & Symphonic Band)
    Turbulence (Solo Tuba & Symphonic Band) $140.00 Pre-Order Now
    Turbulence is a colorful & virtuosic showpiece for solo tuba and symphonic band that takes the listener on quite a journey in such a short period of time.Genre: Solo Tuba with Band | # of Players: Standard + 1 Level: 5 |...