Battery Percussion

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  • Concert Piece for Timpani & Percussion Ensemble
    Concert Piece for Timpani & Percussion Ensemble $60.00 Add To Cart
    A thrilling work for timpani and percussion ensemble that highlights the tonal abilities of the timpani as well as the technical skills needed to perform this often overlooked member of the percussion section. Don't miss...
  • Concerto for Timpani and Brass
    Concerto for Timpani and Brass $58.00 Add To Cart
    Opening with a regal fanfare, this concerto puts the timpani front and center with a clever brass ensemble to compliment the soloist. A timpani cadenza highlights many modern timpani techniques and Portamento effects.Genre:...
  • Divertissement
    Divertissement $48.00 Add To Cart
    This is a challenging work for the solo timpanist. Pitch changes and extreme expression are some of the demanding characteristics found in this piece. Genre: Solo Timpani with Percussion Ensemble | # of Players: 4 + Solo...
  • Elemental Dances
    Elemental Dances $40.00 Add To Cart
    Elemental Dances is a work for 5 timpani and percussion trio based on several segments of Native American music, mixing the sounds of world percussion with contemporary ideas commonly found in percussion ensemble literature...
  • Mjöšlnir (piano reduction)
    Mjöšlnir (piano reduction) $35.00 Add To Cart
    Mjölnir is a concerto for timpani accompanied by either piano or wind ensemble. The music of the concerto follows loosely the Norse mythology surrounding Thor, the God of Thunder, and his hammer, Mjölnir. Each...
  • Recitative and Scherzo
    Recitative and Scherzo $38.00 Add To Cart
    Recitative and Scherzo is a celebration of the view of percussion instruments in their own right as musical instruments.Genre: Solo Timpani with Percussion Ensemble | # of Players: 5 + Solo Timpani Level: Medium...
  • Ruffles Call from Afar
    Ruffles Call from Afar $95.00 Choose Options
    Drawing on melodic material from Yankee Doodle and the Funeral March of the U.S. Army, Yo Goto has crafted a brilliant showpiece for snare drum soloist and symphonic band, which rooted in the tradition of rudimental drumming...
  • Statement for Timpani and Piano
    Statement for Timpani and Piano $20.00 Add To Cart
    Statement was composed for Timpani and Wind Ensemble originally. It features both the melodic and rhythmic characteristics of timpani with a recurring theme woven throughout the work. The piece is approachable by both high...