Grade 4

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  • Always Blooming (Band Gr. 4)
    Always Blooming (Band Gr. 4) $85.00 Choose Options
    Based on the gorgeous 17th century chorale, "Lo How a Rose E'er Blooming," Always Blooming is contrastingly fast and energetic and features every section of the band, especially the percusisonists! Using themes from the...
  • Beyond the Chorale (Band Warm-Up Collection)
    Beyond the Chorale (Band Warm-Up Collection) $48.00 Choose Options
    Beyond the Chorale is a collection of 10 short, miniature concert pieces with a variety of styles, textures, timbral combinations, tonalities, rhythms, harmonies, and melodic material that transcend the traditional...
  • Blessing (Band Gr. 4)
    Blessing (Band Gr. 4) $75.00 Choose Options
    Adapted from the second movement of Gillingham's "Concerto for Horn," Blessing begins with a hymn tune stated by the horns and is subsequently developed through the movement with various textures and timbres. The work ends...
  • Catamount Chaos (Band Gr. 4)
    Catamount Chaos (Band Gr. 4) $100.00 Choose Options
    Written to honor the composer's high school band director for his 30 years of teaching, Catamount Chaos is an exciting, celebratory piece that is full of fanfare & sparkle from beginning to end.Genre: Band | # of...
  • Magic Carousel, The (Band Gr. 4)
    Magic Carousel, The (Band Gr. 4) $140.00 Choose Options
    Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 4 | Duration: 10:00 InstrumentationPiccolo Flute 1 Flute 2 Oboe 1 Oboe 2 English Horn Solo B-flat Clarinet B-flat Clarinet 1 B-flat Clarinet 2 B-flat Clarinet 3 Bass Clarinet...
  • Rejoice (Band Gr. 4)
    Rejoice (Band Gr. 4) $110.00 Choose Options
    Rejoice is a wind orchestra setting of the wonderful Medieval Christmas carol, Gaudete, a splendid hymn of praise. Hear the words of the first verse and immerse yourself in the wonder of the season; a season of love, hope...
  • Thousand Passions, A (Band Gr. 4)
    Thousand Passions, A (Band Gr. 4) $110.00 Choose Options
    This inspiring work reminds us that we are all given a gift, and that gift is our passion. When we unite our passions as our community and commit to courageously fulfilling our gifts, we will be connected forever by one...
  • Three Hounds (Band Gr. 4)
    Three Hounds (Band Gr. 4) $125.00 Choose Options
    Three Hounds consists of three movements, each movement exploring the personality of three dogs; Terence - The Bassett Hound, Hansel - The Dachshund and Roofus - The English Fox Hound. Terence is very docile, extremely...
  • Trailblazer (Band Gr. 4)
    Trailblazer (Band Gr. 4) $85.00 Choose Options
    Filled with color, imagination, and adventure, Trailblazer, gives the brass and percussion their moment in the sun, leading the way in this bright, celebratory work for wind band.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 4...
  • True Things (Band Gr. 4)
    True Things (Band Gr. 4) $85.00 Choose Options
    Originally a marimba & vibraphone duet written as a wedding gift for my friends Michael & Sara Wood, True Things was inspired by the poem and beautiful watercolor print of the same title by StoryPeople creator Brian...
  • With Wings Like Eagles (Band Gr. 4)
    With Wings Like Eagles (Band Gr. 4) $100.00 Choose Options
    With Wings Like Eagles is a ceremonial march that offers an alternative to the traditional processional for graduation or other ceremonial occasion. The writing is scored to allow for breaks from playing, especially in the...
  • Wonderworld (Band Gr. 4)
    Wonderworld (Band Gr. 4) $92.00 Choose Options
    In Wonderworld, the band enters into a mysterious and colorful world of circuses and fairgrounds. However, life is not just “bread and circuses;” in the middle of the piece there is time for the darker sides of...