Classics Remixed

Classics Remixed is a series for beginning band from composer & educator Ed Kiefer, which infuses the best classical music with hip hop, funk, and more. Each piece includes an electronic track with an engaging drum'n'bass beat that complements the arrangements, varying as the piece progresses, yet remains simple enough to make it easy to play along. This is a great way to keep students engaged and help them realize the commonalities between their pop music and other styles!

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  • Dancin' at the Great Gate (Mussorgsky)
    Dancin' at the Great Gate (Mussorgsky) $60.00 Choose Options
    By adding thumping drums, bass, and synthesizer, Kiefer infuses Mussorgsky’s classic work from his “Pictures at an Exhibition” with fresh, electrifying energy that will have audiences dancing in the aisles...
  • Five-Note Jive
    Five-Note Jive $75.00 Choose Options
    Five-Note Jive is a delightful collection of three tunes for beginning band and optional electronic accompaniment that utilizes only the first five notes of the B-flat major scale. The groovin’ accompaniment tracks...
  • God Rest Ye Merry, Peeps
    God Rest Ye Merry, Peeps $60.00 Choose Options
    Screaming synthesizers, hand claps, & syncopated bass fill out the accompaniment to this holiday favorite. The band parts alone work great with or without the electronics, but don’t you want your audience to get up...
  • Hip Hop Hallelujah! (Handel)
    Hip Hop Hallelujah! (Handel) $60.00 Choose Options
    Complete with record scratching, guttural bass lines, and undeniable hip hop swagger, Kiefer’s arrangement of Handel’s most famous masterwork comes to life in a fresh and exciting way. It is playable with or...
  • New World Breakdown (Dvorak)
    New World Breakdown (Dvorak) $60.00 Choose Options
    Driving sixteenth notes in the hi-hat and thumping syncopation in the bass create the foundation over which Dvorak’s masterwork can shine. Alternating between double-time and half-time in the accompaniment,...
  • Orpheus in the Urbanworld (Offenbach)
    Orpheus in the Urbanworld (Offenbach) $60.00 Choose Options
    Get ready for a raucous, high-kicking can-can in Ed Kiefer’s setting of Offenbach’s classic! Like all of the other arrangements in this series, it works great with or without the electronic accompaniment, but why...
  • Thumpin' with the Good King
    Thumpin' with the Good King $60.00 Choose Options
    What do you get when you mix thumpin’ bass, record scratchin’ & swagger? One of your favorite Christmas carols, of course! Ed Kiefer’s treatment of the classic “Good King Wenceslas” will...