With Brass

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  • Athens Sonata
    Athens Sonata $18.00 Add To Cart
    While this is a duet, the first and third movements are frequently meant for the trombone to be used as a solo instrument, while the second movement puts the trombone in the accompaniment figure position. The third movement...
  • Call of Boromir, The
    Call of Boromir, The $39.00 Add To Cart
    Written for horn and marimba, Call of Boromir is based upon a character from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings epic who blew his horn in times of distress and battle. Like many of McCarthy's other works, the marimba part is...
  • Edge
    Edge $22.00 Add To Cart
    Edge was written for trombonist Joshua Hauser and percussionist Eric Willie. The outer movements feature spirited interplay between the instruments, and the middle movement is a lyrical duet. The piece explores many...
  • Infinity
    Infinity $42.00 Add To Cart
    Infinity is a mesmerizing mixture of styles demonstrating a perfect union between the two players. Masterfully embracing the most intriguing technical challenges of the trumpet and marimba, resulting in a new plateau in duet...
  • KraftWerk
    KraftWerk $40.00 Add To Cart
    KraftWerk is a six-movement work showcasing the virtuosic capabilities of both the percussionist and tubist at all times. As usual, McCarthyÕs percussion writing is extremely effective and fun to play, while the tuba...
  • Music and Motion
    Music and Motion $20.00 Add To Cart
    A delightful work for trombone and marimba that captures the playful nature of both instruments. Fun and lighthearted, Music and Motion would be great on your next recital or concert.Genre: Duet for Trombone & Marimba |...
  • Persephone
    Persephone $28.00 Add To Cart
    Based on the legendary figure from Greek mythology, Persephone takes listeners through a variety of musical emotions and textures to tell the tragic tale of the queen of the underworld. Genre: Duet for Trombone &...
  • Sonata For Horn and Marimba
    Sonata For Horn and Marimba $42.00 Add To Cart
    Horn in F Marimba (4.3-octave)Genre: Duet for Horn & Marimba | # of Players: 2 Level: Medium Difficult | Duration: 15:15 InstrumentationHorn in F Marimba (4.3-octave)Program NotesSonata for Horn and Marimba was...
  • Spitfire
    Spitfire $20.00 Choose Options
    Spitfire is a tour-de-force duet for euphonium and marimba/vibraphone that takes your breath away from the first flourish of 16th notes and doesn't let go until the final note. Caution: Not for the feint of heart. The set...