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  • Diggin' the Dorian
    Diggin' the Dorian $55.00 Choose Options
    Based around the drum groove from Weather Report's classic "Birdland," Diggin' the Dorian exposes players to playing in mode they might not be familiar with.Genre: Jazz Ensemble Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 |...
  • Dog Walkin' Shuffle
    Dog Walkin' Shuffle $45.00 Choose Options
    Dog Walkin’ Shuffle is a fun shuffle feel piece for a grooving rhythm section with traditional riff based figures for the horns and some room for improvising soloists. It’s a shout out to the great shuffle...
  • Little Wooden Thingy
    Little Wooden Thingy $50.00 Choose Options
    The composer's late father-in-law, Alan, carved a small wooden item on his lathe and gave it to his daughter, the composer's wife. he noticed it on the mantlepiece as he was naming this piece. A small dedication for a little...
  • One Day Soon
    One Day Soon $57.00 Choose Options
    Adapted from the second movement of “The serious blues” saxophone quartet, One Day Soon has a unique harmonic flavor which supports an intensely descriptive form and an almost pop melody and groove. The...
  • Pocket Samba
    Pocket Samba $55.00 Choose Options
    Pocket Samba was first performed on Piccolo and egg shaker and is based on the chords of Chopsticks. It has been transformed into a fun and vibrant samba that players love to play and audiences love to sing and clap along to...
  • Sub Zero
    Sub Zero $57.00 Choose Options
    Sub Zero is a bright jazz shuffle in the style of New York’s legendary Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. The title reflects the composer’s memories of his first visit to hear the band at the Village Vanguard in New York...
  • Walkin' Home
    Walkin' Home $55.00 Choose Options
    Rooted in West Coast Jazz and Basie-style swing, Walkin’ Home (on the west coast) is a relaxed tune reminiscent of care-free stroll back home from a sunny day on the beach front on a Sunday afternoonGenre: Youth Jazz...