Grade 2

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  • Below the Line
    Below the Line $45.00 Choose Options
    Below the Line is a fun shuffle piece in the style of the great big bands of Buddy Rich or the jump and jive style of Louis Prima.Genre: Youth Jazz Series | # of Players: Level: 2 | Duration: 3:25 InstrumentationAlto Sax 1...
  • Countin' in the Blues
    Countin' in the Blues $45.00 Choose Options
    The title, Countin' In The Blues could be taken in two ways: countin' as in counting in the tempo of the blues, or countin' as in Count Basie. Whichever the case, the chart has been arranged with the traditions of the Count...
  • Is That All There Is?
    Is That All There Is? $45.00 Choose Options
    Is That All There Is? is a challenging ballad featuring the tenor saxophone.Genre: Youth Jazz Series | # of Players: Level: 2.5 | Duration: 5:30 InstrumentationAlto Sax 1 Alto Sax 2 Tenor Sax 1 Tenor Sax 2 Bari Sax...
  • Lineball
    Lineball $50.00 Choose Options
    Lineball is a straight-ahead rock piece with a half-time feel bridge and a section for improvised solos. The chart was originally composed for a smaller band as a walk on theme for a television awards show. Later an extended...
  • Little Wooden Thingy (Jazz Ens Gr. 2)
    Little Wooden Thingy (Jazz Ens Gr. 2) $50.00 Choose Options
    The composer's late father-in-law, Alan, carved a small wooden item on his lathe and gave it to his daughter, the composer's wife. he noticed it on the mantlepiece as he was naming this piece. A small dedication for a little...
  • My Temptation
    My Temptation $45.00 Choose Options
    My Temptation is a slow swing ballad based on the Neal Hefti style of Lil' Darlin’ originally written for the Count Basie Orchestra's 1958 album ‘The Atomic Mr.Basie’. After a brief piano introduction, the...
  • Super Groove
    Super Groove $45.00 Choose Options
    Written in a funk style, Super Groove blends elements of soul, jazz and rhythm n' blues with a strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drums. This is an excellent chart to introduce a young musician to the concept of...
  • Walkin' Home (Jazz Ens Gr. 2)
    Walkin' Home (Jazz Ens Gr. 2) $55.00 Choose Options
    Rooted in West Coast Jazz and Basie-style swing, Walkin’ Home (on the west coast) is a relaxed tune reminiscent of care-free stroll back home from a sunny day on the beach front on a Sunday afternoonGenre: Youth Jazz...
  • What Will Be
    What Will Be $55.00 Choose Options
    What Will Be is a slow rock ballad to feature either alto sax, trombone, or trumpet/flugelhorn. The chart features a simple but yet emotional melody supported by an interesting harmonic progression. The soloist is supported...