Woodwind Quintet

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  • Black Belt, White Cadillac
    Black Belt, White Cadillac $52.00 Add To Cart
    In this piece for mixed chamber ensemble, McCarthy explores the duality of his two passions outside of music - Korean Martial Arts and cruising around in vintage Cadillacs.Genre: Chamber Ensemble | # of Players: 6 Level:...
  • Concert(in)o for Marimba & Wind Quintet
    Concert(in)o for Marimba & Wind Quintet $60.00 Add To Cart
    Written for percussionist Jeffrey Barudin, Concert(in)o for Marimba & WInd Quintet is a challenging, delightful three-movement work that showcases the full range of the marimba, both musically & physically.Genre:...
  • Concerto Breve
    Concerto Breve $50.00 Add To Cart
    Concerto Breve is a dramatic work for solo piano and woodwnid quintet that showcases the versatility of the piano as it weaves in and out of the quintet textures, taking the listener on a sonic journey through many moods...
  • Quintessence II (piano reduction)
    Quintessence II (piano reduction) $40.00 Add To Cart
    Building on the work Quintessence, Gillingham adds a first movement that utilizes more mallet percussion and woodwind (piano) in flowing themes and soft harmonies. A stark contrast to the second movement which has a...
  • Tales of the Donner Expedition
    Tales of the Donner Expedition $40.00 Add To Cart
    McCarthy's virtuosically programmatic work for woodwind quintet tell the tragic tale of hardship experienced by the Donner party in their journey from Illinois to California.Genre: Woodwind Quintet | # of Players: 5 Level:...