Grade 2

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  • 7 Hills March (Band Gr. 2)
    7 Hills March (Band Gr. 2) $60.00 Choose Options
    Written for younger bands, this dark and original march keeps technical challenges within the grasp of a second or third year performer. Although not in a completely traditional form, 7 Hills March has enough repetition to...
  • Banish the Moon (Band Gr. 2)
    Banish the Moon (Band Gr. 2) $75.00 Choose Options
    Banish the Moon is a musical description of a magical sunrise. It begins in the dark with the sounds of crickets and frogs calling softly. The tune in the clarinet and flute brings in the first hints of light. Instruments...
  • Chasing Eris (Band Gr. 2.5)
    Chasing Eris (Band Gr. 2.5) $65.00 Choose Options
    Inspired by the dwarf planet and Greek goddess of the same name, Chasing Eris is dark and energetic in nature and evokes images of the great distances and uncertainty associated with space exploration.Genre: Band | # of...
  • Epic! (Band Gr. 2 Percussion Feature)
    Epic! (Band Gr. 2 Percussion Feature) $60.00 Choose Options
    Epic! pays homage to the boisterous "epic blockbuster action film" style of music so common in big-budget Hollywood films and video games. Filled with dramatic and energetic tunes, colorful textures, and big-time grooves,...
  • Hop! (Band Gr. 2.5)
    Hop! (Band Gr. 2.5) $60.00 Choose Options
    Dedicated to the composer’s eleven-year-old niece and her middle school concert band, Hop! is meant to capture the spirit of youthful exuberance through percussive syncopation, hints of jazz, and memorable, toe-tapping...
  • Merrily Onward (Band Gr. 1.5)
    Merrily Onward (Band Gr. 1.5) $55.00 Choose Options
    A straightforward march for a beginner band.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 1.5 | Duration: 1:40 InstrumentationFlute 1/2 Oboe Clarinet 1 Clarinet 2 Clarinet 3 Bass Clarinet Bassoon Alto Saxophone 1/2 Tenor...
  • Moonlit Dreams (Band Gr. 2)
    Moonlit Dreams (Band Gr. 2) $55.00 Choose Options
    This lyrical and reflective ballad from Joshua Hinkel reminds us that inspiration can come at the strangest times and usually when we aren’t looking for it.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 2 | Duration: 3:35...
  • Running Downwind (Band Gr. 2.5)
    Running Downwind (Band Gr. 2.5) $65.00 Choose Options
    This uplifting and catchy selection will create lasting images for players and audiences alike as they embark on a sailing journey for the ages. With magically lyrical melodies and lively rhythmic motives, Running Downwind...
  • Spring Showers (Band Gr. 2)
    Spring Showers (Band Gr. 2) $60.00 Choose Options
    Spring Showers is designed to evoke the sensation of a coming, drenching and then passing of the rain. The steady flow of eighth notes in the piece provide a sense of consistent shower, beginning small, building as...
  • Twilight Over the Bridge (Band Gr. 2.5)
    Twilight Over the Bridge (Band Gr. 2.5) $55.00 Choose Options
    Twilight Over the Bridge is a short ballad meant to resemble a folk song. One could imagine this piece being a journey in which a character reflects on their hardships as they return home. Genre: Band | # of Players:...
  • Until We Meet Again (Band Gr. 2.5)
    Until We Meet Again (Band Gr. 2.5) $65.00 Choose Options
    Until We Meet Again reminds the listener that losing someone or something is a part of life. It’s inevitable to find ourselves in a low place due to missing a time of happiness and joy. However, the memories we make...
  • With You (Band Gr. 2)
    With You (Band Gr. 2) $60.00 Choose Options
    With You captures and celebrates the essence of the ensemble experience: making music with one another. A somber setting evolves into soaring melodies to invite musicality and expression, while providing challenges for...