Grade 4

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  • Boogaloo for Two
    Boogaloo for Two $57.00 Choose Options
    Boogaloo for Two was originally composed as a play-on theme for the Australian variety television show “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” in the 1990’s. The Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra on their 2008 CD...
  • Cover Drive (Jazz Ens Gr. 4)
    Cover Drive (Jazz Ens Gr. 4) $55.00 Choose Options
    A cover drive is a particularly elegant cricket shot. A good one will pierce the field and run away for four runs. Cover Drive is a combination of the 12/8 shuffle and the Afro-Cuban 12/8 groove.Genre: Jazz Repertoire Series...
  • Fiesta en la Calle
    Fiesta en la Calle $57.00 Choose Options
    Fiesta en la Calle is a high-energy Latin chart that fuses Tito Puente with Arturo Sandoval and the modern L.A writing of Gordon Goodwin.Genre: Jazz Repertoire Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 4 | Duration: 5:00...
  • Good Hard Look, A
    Good Hard Look, A $57.00 Choose Options
    From a breathy tenor sax solo to the wailing climax from the whole band tutti before the bass and piano sign off with their own little moment at the end, widely contrasting dynamics and a demand for courageous but precise...
  • Gotcha
    Gotcha $57.00 Choose Options
    In a 'Basie' swing style, this work is a tribute to the great Sammy Nestico. If the band is not together throughout the whole piece and someone comes in early - 'GOTCHA!'Genre: Jazz Repertoire Series | # of Players: Level: 4...
  • One Day Soon (Jazz Ens Gr. 4)
    One Day Soon (Jazz Ens Gr. 4) $57.00 Choose Options
    Adapted from the second movement of “The serious blues” saxophone quartet, One Day Soon has a unique harmonic flavor which supports an intensely descriptive form and an almost pop melody and groove. The...
  • Slammin' Joe's
    Slammin' Joe's $57.00 Choose Options
    Slammin' Joe's challenges the ensemble to explore a swing shuffle style with a contemporary edge. It provides a great opportunity to engage school guitarists who sometimes feel the big band experience is not as fun as...
  • Sub Zero (Jazz Ens Gr. 4)
    Sub Zero (Jazz Ens Gr. 4) $57.00 Choose Options
    Sub Zero is a bright jazz shuffle in the style of New York’s legendary Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. The title reflects the composer’s memories of his first visit to hear the band at the Village Vanguard in New York...