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  • Jericho
    Jericho $36.00 Add To Cart
    Jericho is the third installment in the Rosewood Bible series, and tells the story of the fall of the so-named Biblical city. The work strives to capture the somewhat laid back pace of this “battle” through a...
  • New Africa
    New Africa $36.00 Add To Cart
    Moving back and forth from a slow lyric melody to a fast paced dance, New Africa blends the voices of the bassoon and vibraphone wonderfully during the sonorous passages while also pitting them against each other in...
  • Oh, Beautiful (chamber version)
    Oh, Beautiful (chamber version) $45.00 Add To Cart
    This subtle and moving work calls for a unison choir over a small chamber group. After setting a stark and solemn mood on the piano, fragments of the tune America start form into a cohesive melody. Oh, Beautiful is ideal for...
  • Within the Next... It Will Be
    Within the Next... It Will Be $45.00 Add To Cart
    Electric bass in the context of a contemporary percussion ensemble piece – WOW! The possibilities are endless for the programming of this piece. Many changing meters and quick exchanges between soloist and ensemble...