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  • American Dance Music (orchestra version)
    American Dance Music (orchestra version) $0.00 Choose Options
    American Dance Music celebrates uniquely American music popularized by American dance crazes. A sophisticated hoe-down leads into a Latin dance combined with a Baroque cannon! The slow Serenade recalls the 40s style slow...
  • Saloon Music (Solo Cornet & Pit Orchestra)
    Saloon Music (Solo Cornet & Pit Orchestra) $85.00 Choose Options
    Written for & premiered by famed LA session musician Malcolm McNab, Saloon Music is a delightful 4-movement suite for cornet & pit orchestra.Genre: Solo Cornet with Chamber Ensemble | # of Players: 8 + 1 Level: 5 |...
  • Trombone Concerto (orchestra)
    Trombone Concerto (orchestra) $225.00 Choose Options
    Written for the first international trombone symposium in London, this concerto is a substantial twenty-minute piece in three movements, "Allegro," "Adagio," and "Presto." Because trombonist from the worlds of pop and jazz...
  • When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone (orchestra version)
    When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone (orchestra version) $0.00 Choose Options
    It is said that perhaps the greatest Americans are the ones who fought in the most intense and important battle of the 20th century, World War II. Honor those who died and those who survived the horrors with this masterpiece...