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  • anti-Fanfare (Wind Ens Minus Brass Gr. 5)
    anti-Fanfare (Wind Ens Minus Brass Gr. 5) $85.00 Choose Options
    Why should the brass get to play all of the fanfares? Andrew Blair’s new work anti-Fanfare is a thrilling and unique concert opener for wind ensemble, minus brass, that allows your band to stand out, while the brass...
  • Appalachian Counterpoint (Tuba-Euphonium Quartet)
    Appalachian Counterpoint (Tuba-Euphonium Quartet) $36.00 Add To Cart
    Appalachian Counterpoint is a work for tuba-euphonium quartet based on the traditional Appalachian folk song “All the Pretty Little Horses,” a lovely lilting lullaby. There is, however, very little feeling of...
  • Hypnos (Duet for B-flat Clarinet & Vibraphone)
    Hypnos (Duet for B-flat Clarinet & Vibraphone) $24.00 Add To Cart
    Hypnos will surround you in an unfamiliar world. As expected from the title, the music portrays a hypnotic character. Allow your attention to drift with and against the music as the two instruments paint a picture of...
  • It Flows (Duet for Alto Saxophone & Marimba)
    It Flows (Duet for Alto Saxophone & Marimba) $24.00 Add To Cart
    Expressively textural in one moment and relentlessly groovy in the next, It Flows is a challenging and varied work for marimba and alto saxophone that includes polyrhythmic textures, exciting hocketed lines, and soaring...
  • La Fortuna (Duet for Marimba & Piano)
    La Fortuna (Duet for Marimba & Piano) $24.00 Add To Cart
    With its title inspired by a famous waterfall in Costa Rica, La Fortuna is a marimba and piano duet that celebrates the power of music and its ability to unite people from all different parts of the world, despite...
  • Poe (Duet for Clarinet & Marimba)
    Poe (Duet for Clarinet & Marimba) $25.00 Add To Cart
    Inspired by two poems by Edgar Allan Poe, Poe is a challenging duet for clarinet & marimba set in two contrasting movement. This well-crafted work is a perfect recital piece filled with reflection, drama, and excitement...
  • Quaternity (Solo Trombone + Piano)
    Quaternity (Solo Trombone + Piano) $50.00 Add To Cart
    Quaternity is a four-movement suite for trombone solo and band written for famed trombonist Joe Alessi. A quaternity is simply a group of four, but a group that represents wholeness. This particular quaternity is one that...
  • Rise Up (Fanfare for Brass & Percussion)
    Rise Up (Fanfare for Brass & Percussion) $45.00 Add To Cart
    Rise Up, Brooke Pierson's award-winning work from the annual Dallas Winds fanfare competition, is a perfect concert opener or closer. The joyous and energetic opening and closing as well as melodic B section make the piece...
  • Tango! (Duet for Oboe & Marimba)
    Tango! (Duet for Oboe & Marimba) $24.00 Add To Cart
    Tango! was premiered at the International Double Reed Society Convention in 2015. After spending time poring over the music of Astor Piazzolla, Rath composed decided that a tango would provide a lighter contrast to the...
  • The Nightingale (Duet for Piccolo & Xylophone)
    The Nightingale (Duet for Piccolo & Xylophone) $20.00 Add To Cart
    The Nightingale is a work for piccolo and xylophone. In writing this work it was my intention to share with others my personal feelings about these two instruments. The bravura virtuosity of these instruments can be easily...