Grade 1

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  • Charlie the Cat (Jazz Ens Gr. 1)
    Charlie the Cat (Jazz Ens Gr. 1) $45.00 Choose Options
    Charlie is the coolest dude. He likes to eat the Corgi’s food. He’s always into this and that. Charlie, He’s the cat. Dedicated to Charlie, one of our four cats, this chart is about swing, melody and...
  • Crank It Up
    Crank It Up $45.00 Choose Options
    Based on a twelve bar blues and built on syncopated melodic ideas that build in intensity when layered on top of each other, Crank It Up is a riff-based swing chart to get the toes tapping!Genre: Beginner Jazz Series | # of...
  • Dog Walkin' Shuffle (Jazz Ens Gr. 1)
    Dog Walkin' Shuffle (Jazz Ens Gr. 1) $45.00 Choose Options
    Dog Walkin’ Shuffle is a fun shuffle feel piece for a grooving rhythm section with traditional riff based figures for the horns and some room for improvising soloists. It’s a shout out to the great shuffle...
  • Follow the Leader
    Follow the Leader $45.00 Choose Options
    Follow The Leader is intended as a fun, up tempo swing chart that introduces young musicians to stylistic elements echoing classic big band tunes such as ‘Little Brown Jug’ (in the melodic bass line) or...
  • Four Note Boogaloo, The (Jazz Ens Gr. 1)
    Four Note Boogaloo, The (Jazz Ens Gr. 1) $45.00 Choose Options
    The Four Note Boogaloo is a fun piece for a grooving rhythm section with a melody featuring a small jazz combo horn section of Alto Sax, Tenor Sax and Trombone in the A section. In the B section the Saxes and Bass play...
  • Jamming in a Lifeboat
    Jamming in a Lifeboat $45.00 Choose Options
    Jamming in a Lifeboat is a blues with a perky medium-tempo groove. The section writing in this work provides opportunity to reinforce rhythmic and intonation accuracy.Genre: Beginner Jazz Series | # of...
  • Kickin' Back
    Kickin' Back $45.00 Choose Options
    Young jazz musicians respond to a great groove, easily played and a catchy melody that they can grab hold of with both hands. Kickin’ Back fits the bill while letting the piano player (or alto saxophonist) feature on a...
  • Motor City
    Motor City $45.00 Choose Options
    The title Motor City refers to music of Detroit and the styles associated with Motown records. Concentrating on building confidence in the inexperienced rhythm section, with riff based melodic ideas in the wind players;...
  • Put It in the Esky (Jazz Ens Gr. 1.5)
    Put It in the Esky (Jazz Ens Gr. 1.5) $45.00 Choose Options
    An Esky is the Aussie version of a portable drink cooler that we take camping or to a barbecue or a day at the cricket. So, if you want to keep a cool groove with this little chart, just Put it in the Esky!Genre: Beginner...
  • Super Fast & Easy Warm-Up for Big Band
    Super Fast & Easy Warm-Up for Big Band $50.00 Choose Options
    In the first few minutes of rehearsal, Super-Fast and Easy Warm Ups for Big Band helps the band make a satisfying, cohesive sound from the outset, while learning (or consolidating) some of the most important elements of big...
  • Tricks of the Trade
    Tricks of the Trade $45.00 Choose Options
    Tricks of the Trade introduces very young big band musicians to some basic but commonly used skills for big band playing – hence the title.Genre: Beginner Jazz Ensemble | # of Players: Standard Level: 1 | Duration:...
  • Two Scoops
    Two Scoops $45.00 Choose Options
    Two Scoops provides an opportunity for beginning jazz students to experience a medium tempo swing chart in a laid- back Basie style.Genre: Beginner Jazz Series | # of Players: Level: 1 | Duration: 4:55 InstrumentationAlto...