Solo Battery

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  • Flowers and Foliage (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Flowers and Foliage (Solo Multi-Percussion) $16.00 Add To Cart
    Flowers and Foliage is a bouquet of five miniatures for solo percussionist, which alternate between tonal, floral harmonies on tenor steelpan and brittle, twig-like percussive textures. Throughout the work, the audience...
  • Heavy Binary: 4 Contemporary Solos for Snare Drum
    Heavy Binary: 4 Contemporary Solos for Snare Drum $25.00 Add To Cart
    HEAVY BINARY is comprised of four movements influenced by different genres of heavy metal music. The "binary" aspect refers to the use of contrasting striking implements in each movement, including open hand, drumstick,...
  • Quit... (Solo Snare Drum)
    Quit... (Solo Snare Drum) $12.00 Add To Cart
    This piece for rudimental snare drum and its title, is essentially a bit of reverse psychology essentially encouraging the player to "quit" quitting and push yourself to achieve something you may have never thought you could...
  • Rhema (Solo Concert Snare Drum)
    Rhema (Solo Concert Snare Drum) $16.00 Add To Cart
    Rhema is a contemporary work for solo concert snare drum. It is a technically challenging piece that fuses elements of both the concert/orchestral snare drumming tradition and the rudimental drumming tradition. Genre: Solo...
  • The Shared Breath of the Earth (Solo Timpani)
    The Shared Breath of the Earth (Solo Timpani) $18.00 Add To Cart
    the shared breath of the earth is a solo for melodic timpani, and a celebration of three characters of nature that live in urban settings. A true challenge for the timpanist, the extreme pedaling demands contrast the...
  • The Silence Between... (solo multi-percussion)
    The Silence Between... (solo multi-percussion) $20.00 Add To Cart
    The Silence Between… is an advanced multiple percussion solo written for 4 toms, 4 almglocken, and opera gong. It is a minimalist set up that challenges the performer to explores an incredible vocabulary of sounds and...
  • Three Grooves (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Three Grooves (Solo Multi-Percussion) $20.00 Add To Cart
    Three Grooves are exactly what they say. Each groove explores a different rhythm/feel based around the compact set up of snare drum, bass drum, and hi-hat. Once you play through these three groves, you will find it very...
  • Two Dances for Four Timpani
    Two Dances for Four Timpani $18.00 Add To Cart
    Two Dances for Four Timpani features a Salsa movement and a Galop movement. The work is medium-advanced and utilizes many techniques including a salsa bass line, a mambo cowbell pattern, various playing areas and effects and...