Solo Battery

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  • Five on 5: A Collection for Snare Drum & Electronic Accompaniment
    Five on 5: A Collection for Snare Drum & Electronic Accompaniment $25.00 Add To Cart
    Five on 5 is a collection of five intermediate snare drum solos for the developing percussionist. Each solo features challenging rudimental and technical vocabulary as well as a fun accompaniment track. The electronic...
  • Mjölnir (for Solo Timpani & Wind Ensemble)
    Mjölnir (for Solo Timpani & Wind Ensemble) $150.00 Choose Options
    Mjölnir is a concerto for timpani accompanied by either piano or wind ensemble. The music of the concerto follows loosely the Norse mythology surrounding Thor, the God of Thunder, and his hammer, Mjölnir. Each...
  • Oculus (Snare Drum + Electronics)
    Oculus (Snare Drum + Electronics) $18.00 Add To Cart
    DOWNLOAD ELECTRONIC ACCOMPANIMENTPractice Track with Click (.MP3 file, 12.5MB)Performance Track (.WAV file, 140MB) Oculus is a snare drum and tape piece inspired by a tour to the Pantheon in Rome, Italy. The track...
  • Thracian Rhythm (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Thracian Rhythm (Solo Multi-Percussion) $20.00 Add To Cart
    Inspired by the ancient Thracian people of Southeastern Europe, this exciting and challenging three-movement multi-percussion solo would be a great addition to any recital.Genre: Solo Multi-Percussion | # of Players: 1...
  • Treading Lightly (Solo Timpani)
    Treading Lightly (Solo Timpani) $18.00 Add To Cart
    Focusing on developing a true legato timpani stroke, exploring various stroke types for weighted accents, and exploring different sound capabilities of the instrument; Treading Lightly serves as a great stepping stone in...