Jazz Ensemble

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  • Boogaloo for Two
    Boogaloo for Two $57.00 Choose Options
    Boogaloo for Two was originally composed as a play-on theme for the Australian variety television show “Hey Hey It’s Saturday” in the 1990’s. The Daryl McKenzie Jazz Orchestra on their 2008 CD...
  • Fiesta en la Calle
    Fiesta en la Calle $57.00 Choose Options
    Fiesta en la Calle is a high-energy Latin chart that fuses Tito Puente with Arturo Sandoval and the modern L.A writing of Gordon Goodwin.Genre: Jazz Repertoire Series | # of Players: Standard Level: 4 | Duration: 5:00...
  • Kickin' Back
    Kickin' Back $45.00 Choose Options
    Young jazz musicians respond to a great groove, easily played and a catchy melody that they can grab hold of with both hands. Kickin’ Back fits the bill while letting the piano player (or alto saxophonist) feature on a...
  • Lineball
    Lineball $50.00 Choose Options
    Lineball is a straight-ahead rock piece with a half-time feel bridge and a section for improvised solos. The chart was originally composed for a smaller band as a walk on theme for a television awards show. Later an extended...
  • NOLA Roller, The
    NOLA Roller, The $55.00 Choose Options
    The NOLA Roller is a rollicking, fun chart with a New Orleans style groove that your band will love. The catchy tune shared by most of the band is easy to grasp but has enough challenge to keep the chart interesting while...
  • Super Fast & Easy Warm-Up for Big Band
    Super Fast & Easy Warm-Up for Big Band $50.00 Choose Options
    In the first few minutes of rehearsal, Super-Fast and Easy Warm Ups for Big Band helps the band make a satisfying, cohesive sound from the outset, while learning (or consolidating) some of the most important elements of big...
  • What Will Be
    What Will Be $55.00 Choose Options
    What Will Be is a slow rock ballad to feature either alto sax, trombone, or trumpet/flugelhorn. The chart features a simple but yet emotional melody supported by an interesting harmonic progression. The soloist is supported...