Grade 4

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  • Concerto Grosso in C Major (Handel)
    Concerto Grosso in C Major (Handel) $45.00 Choose Options
    The Baroque Concerto Grosso is an ideal vehicle for strings. In this arrangement, 2 solo violins and cellos play at the medium advanced level and share a musical dialogue, while the orchestra remains at the medium easy to...
  • Eiriol
    Eiriol $65.00 Choose Options
    Eiriol, "snowdrop" in Welsh, is an animated journey through the most popular of Celtic dances, taking both performer and listener through an exciting Highland adventure. Through the eyes of a falling snowdrop, the listener...
  • Four Miniatures
    Four Miniatures $60.00 Choose Options
    Four adventurous pieces for strings highlighting different styles of playing while maintaining the fun of performing.Genre: String Orchestra | # of Players: 8-8-5-5-5 Level: 4 | Duration: 6:00 InstrumentationViolin I Violin...
  • Freedom March, The (orchestra)
    Freedom March, The (orchestra) $48.00 Choose Options
    A high spirited march for strings with modern elements. Genre: String Orchestra | # of Players: 8-8-5-5-5 Level: 4 | Duration: 3:00 InstrumentationViolin I Violin II Viola Violoncello Contrabass Percussion 1 [2 players]...
  • God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (string orchestra)
    God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen (string orchestra) $55.00 Choose Options
    This fantasia on the traditional English Christmas carol God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen takes listeners on a journey through a wide range of styles and moods, giving ample opportunity for each section of the string orchestra...
  • Laylit Houb
    Laylit Houb $65.00 Choose Options
    Passion, pain, devotion, torture. Love. The story of two lovers and their tumultuous relationship are examined in this arrangement of Mohamed Abdel Wahad's "Laylet Hob". The lyrics of the song by Oum Kalthoum speak of a male...
  • Moorside Suite for String Orchestra (Holst)
    Moorside Suite for String Orchestra (Holst) $75.00 Choose Options
    A masterwork for string orchestra. Holst's Moorside Suite was composed in 1928, near the end of the composer's life, and is a masterpiece of his maturity. Originally for brass band, Moorside Suite retains the folk-song charm...
  • of comfort and joy
    of comfort and joy $48.00 Choose Options
    This work fuses two well known traditional carols, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen and Carol of the Bells, into an intriguing tapestry of textures and colors. It is meant to allow the listener to consider the reflective and...
  • Sinfonia a la Danza
    Sinfonia a la Danza $65.00 Choose Options
    Here is a three movement work comprised of Cakewalk, Sarabande and Gigue. These traditional dance forms have been used by composers in several different musical eras. Each movement can stand on its own or as part of the...
  • Tango Concertante
    Tango Concertante $48.00 Choose Options
    Here's a passionate and exciting Tango for the advancing string orchestra wanting to impress the crowd with something different! Accuracy in rhythm and ensemble playing will take this from good music to great. Effects such...
  • Tango Moderno
    Tango Moderno $55.00 Choose Options
    This zesty work for strings and piano depicts a fast-paced tango between two passionate dancers. Sultry melodic lines and driving, syncopated rhythms combine for what will surely be a spicy addition to any program...