Grade 4

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  • Chumash Dance Celebration
    Chumash Dance Celebration $85.00 Choose Options
    Inspired by the Chumash Indian Tribe Pow Wows, this piece takes you to a celebration of the seasons. Hear the dance rhythms as the drums pound out the dance steps.Genre: Full Orchestra | # of Players: Standard Level: 4 |...
  • Concert Piece for Marimba & Orchestra
    Concert Piece for Marimba & Orchestra $0.00 Choose Options
    Flashy and musical, this challenging work is perfect for the two mallet marimbist on your next recital or concert program. Wonderful orchestra version for a concerto competition performance.Genre: Solo Marimba with Full...
  • Concerto No. 1 in D Minor for Marimba & Orchestra
    Concerto No. 1 in D Minor for Marimba & Orchestra $0.00 Choose Options
    Taylor’s Concerto displays confident youth as the composer ambitiously recalls the Romanticism of the past. The work is a large-scale undertaking for the soloist and the ensemble. Taylor has truly constructed a solo...
  • Fantasia for Marimba & Strings
    Fantasia for Marimba & Strings $65.00 Choose Options
    This is a baroque scale concerto based on two pipe tunes and a Scottish song. The first movement is in ritornello form; the slow movement is a da capo song arrangement; and the third movement is based on an original theme...
  • Grouse Creek Symphony
    Grouse Creek Symphony $250.00 Choose Options
    Inspired by the breathtaking views of the Flint Hills and the paintings of Mark Flickenger, this symphony is designed to be performed with his artwork projected onto screens on stage. Through the music and art, we can deepen...
  • Here Be Dragons (orchestra)
    Here Be Dragons (orchestra) $90.00 Choose Options
    As the title implies, you are about to enter a realm of mystery and excitement! Ancient cartographers labeled unexplored regions on their maps as "terra incognita" and in one instance wrote Here Be Dragons, signifying the...
  • In The Sea (orchestra version)
    In The Sea (orchestra version) $0.00 Choose Options
    Inspired by some of the marimba compositions of Keiko Abe, In the Sea features driving rhythms and floating melodies creating a beautiful wash of sound. There is room for improvisation in the middle of the piece. Genre:...
  • Murph's March (orchestra)
    Murph's March (orchestra) $70.00 Choose Options
    Light and lively best describe this cut-time march that provides a nice "sunday afternoon in the park" feel. While the cut-time is prevalent, there is a brief section that changes to 6/8 that makes this march different from...
  • My Eyes Have Seen the Glory
    My Eyes Have Seen the Glory $85.00 Choose Options
    Based on an earlier arrangement for organ of The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Emma Lou Diemer's new version for full orchestra is expressive and straightforward. It is appropriate on patriotic programs and other occasions...
  • Serenade Op. 22A
    Serenade Op. 22A $55.00 Choose Options
    Delight listeners with this lighthearted work. Derek Bourgeois wrote the Serenade, Op. 22 for his own wedding, to be played by the organist as the guests left the ceremony. Not wishing to allow them the luxury of proceeding...
  • St. Anne
    St. Anne $80.00 Choose Options
    The hymn tune St. Anne is given a strong, confident setting in this arrangement for full orchestra written for Michael Shasberger and the Westmont College Orchestra.Genre: Full Orchestra | # of Players: Standard Level: 4 |...
  • Sweet Dreams, Elizabeth Lee (orchestra version)
    Sweet Dreams, Elizabeth Lee (orchestra version) $70.00 Choose Options
    A tender and lovely work that will showcase your ensemble while giving each section a chance to shine. The main theme is represented in all instruments as secondary themes float around using syncopation and pizzicato to add...