Grade 3

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  • Artemis Rising
    Artemis Rising $65.00 Choose Options
    This powerful work based on the greek goddess uses syncopation and accents to build tension and captivate the audience. The main moods in the work are marked "Allegro con Fuoco" and "giocoso"' as the music moves from a...
  • Black Sea, The (full orchestra)
    Black Sea, The (full orchestra) $60.00 Choose Options
    This high-energy piece will have your players rising to the challenge. The unpredictable Black Sea is depicted with meter changes, col legno, pizzicato and more. It's dramatic but not overly difficult. Brief interludes in...
  • Breaking Their Hold
    Breaking Their Hold $75.00 Choose Options
    Breaking Their Hold is a bold and aggressive work for orchestra. The intense percussion and dramatic themes are sure to move any audience.Genre: Full Orchestra | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 5:00...
  • Deck the Halls (full orchestra)
    Deck the Halls (full orchestra) $60.00 Choose Options
    The festive colors of this traditional holiday carol are enriched in Gary Gackstatter's bright arrangement for developing full orchestra. The melody is echoed between winds and strings and a full percussion battery...
  • Overture from 'Orpheus in the Underworld' (Offenbach)
    Overture from 'Orpheus in the Underworld' (Offenbach) $70.00 Choose Options
    Here is a strong arrangement at the medium-easy level that offers you all the excitement of the original overture! With cues given to cover all the wind parts, this really can be done with strings only or as a full orchestra...
  • Passing
    Passing $65.00 Choose Options
    Joshua Missal wrote this moving tribute upon the passing of his wife Pegge. While Passing depicts the heartfelt memories of a life together, it also depicts the strength and enduring passion that only music can express...