Grade 1

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  • Danza Rusticana
    Danza Rusticana $55.00 Choose Options
    In the style of a Middle European folk dance, this vigorous and energetic piece is somewhat reminiscent of the style of Bela Bartok with a gritty bowing style that should produce a big, solid tone. A rewarding piece for the...
  • Erin Isle Sketches
    Erin Isle Sketches $60.00 Choose Options
    This work captures the essence of Irish folk music and is based on “Banna Strand”, “Cockles and Mussels”, and “The Minstrel Boy”. Carefully written with an eye toward fullness of sound and...
  • Visions of Dance
    Visions of Dance $80.00 Choose Options
    Three waltzes make up the body of this Impressionistic work for full orchestra. The first waltz is in a quick three-to-a-measure; the second is a slow ¾; the finale is a very exuberant waltz in one. While requiring...