Full Orchestra

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  • Transitions (Solo Percussion & Orchestra)
    Transitions (Solo Percussion & Orchestra) $0.00 Choose Options
    Transitions is an exciting and challenging three-movement work for solo percussionist including virtuosic material on both pitched and non-pitched instruments. It will captivate any audience with its musical contrasts and...
  • Trombone Concerto (orchestra)
    Trombone Concerto (orchestra) $225.00 Choose Options
    Written for the first international trombone symposium in London, this concerto is a substantial twenty-minute piece in three movements, "Allegro," "Adagio," and "Presto." Because trombonist from the worlds of pop and jazz...
  • Turn the Page
    Turn the Page $0.00 Choose Options
    The power of a full orchestra behind the excitement of a Led Zepplin guitar solo. You can't go wrong with this challenging and interesting work with the cultural context your audiences crave.Genre: Full Orchestra | # of...
  • Underwood Concerto
    Underwood Concerto $0.00 Choose Options
    Written for marimbist Michael Burritt, this virtuosic three-movement work is a first-rate piece of music. The solo marimba part is extremely virtuosic and challenging, demonstrating an exciting ensemble between the soloist...
  • Visions of Dance
    Visions of Dance $80.00 Choose Options
    Three waltzes make up the body of this Impressionistic work for full orchestra. The first waltz is in a quick three-to-a-measure; the second is a slow ¾; the finale is a very exuberant waltz in one. While requiring...
  • When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone (orchestra version)
    When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone (orchestra version) $0.00 Choose Options
    It is said that perhaps the greatest Americans are the ones who fought in the most intense and important battle of the 20th century, World War II. Honor those who died and those who survived the horrors with this masterpiece...
  • Windows
    Windows $0.00 Choose Options
    Each movement is a study of various aspects of light in the study of refraction in prisms.Genre: Solo Bassoon with Orchestra | # of Players: Standard + 1 Level: 5 | Duration: 22:00 InstrumentationPiccolo Flute Oboe English...