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  • Breaking Point (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Breaking Point (Solo Multi-Percussion) $10.00 Add To Cart
    Written in conjunction with an art exhibition consisting of ceramic and metal sculptures, this work is almost non-stop rhythm. Using object you can easily find around the house, the timbres of metal and clay bring out the...
  • Chakalaka (Solo Multi-Percussion + Electronics)
    Chakalaka (Solo Multi-Percussion + Electronics) $18.00 Add To Cart
    Chakalaka is an energetic solo for multi-percussion and electronic accompaniment that is heavily influenced by electronic music ranging from glitch-hop to drum 'n' bass and progressive trance The conglomeration of shimmering...
  • Cold Pressed (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Cold Pressed (Solo Multi-Percussion) $24.00 Add To Cart
    Cold Pressed is set up as a modified drum set with timbral notation, meaning each instrument is assigned a pitch and arranged like a keyboard. If you read keyboard music well, learning the notation will be a piece of cake...
  • Collinear Dancer (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Collinear Dancer (Solo Multi-Percussion) $10.00 Add To Cart
    After a brief, driving introduction, the mood changes to one of mystery and dramatic freedom. The ensuing section represents the dance-like nature of the piece with driving rhythms and accents throughout.Genre: Multiple...
  • Lucid Dreaming (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Lucid Dreaming (Solo Multi-Percussion) $18.00 Add To Cart
    Lucid Dreaming provides a sonic representation of a lucid dream, in which one has both control of their thoughts and ideas while still being in a dream state. Several main rhythmic themes occur throughout the entire work in...
  • Machine (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Machine (Solo Multi-Percussion) $12.00 Add To Cart
    Dedicated to percussionist Nick Petrella, Machine explores many sonic landscapes as he has the performer travel from shaken instruments to membranes to metals. As the piece progresses, lines are blurred and the instrument...
  • More Than Meets the Eye (Solo Drum Set)
    More Than Meets the Eye (Solo Drum Set) $15.00 Add To Cart
    Drawing inspiration from the rudimental playing of Charley Wilcoxon and John S. Pratt, "second line" New Orleans drumming, and the genius of of Steve Gadd, More Than Meets the Eye challenges the hand-foot independence of the...
  • Reflex: 15 Studies for the Intermediate Multi-Percussionist
    Reflex: 15 Studies for the Intermediate Multi-Percussionist $25.00 Add To Cart
    As the multi-percussion repertoire increases, it becomes necessary for modern students to increase their skills in this genre. Reflex is a collection of 15 studies for the multi-percussionist. The pieces are short and...
  • Sleight of Hand (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Sleight of Hand (Solo Multi-Percussion) $9.00 Add To Cart
    A Sleight of Hand is defined as “an artful trick; sly artifice; a feat so dexterous that the manner of performance escapes observation.” This work for solo multiple percussion depicts the different stages of a...
  • Toy Box (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Toy Box (Solo Multi-Percussion) $12.00 Add To Cart
    This piece is based on the idea to create a multi-percussion solo utilizing primarily small percussion "toys" and incorporating the programmatic elements of a child playing with the toys in his Toy Box. Genre: Multiple...