With Electronic Accompaniment

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  • Auroras (Solo Glockenspiel + Electronics)
    Auroras (Solo Glockenspiel + Electronics) $18.00 Add To Cart
    Auroras is a 5-movement work for solo glockenspiel & electronics representing some of the breathtaking colors seen in these rare phenomena and are depicted by various textures, moods, and harmonic languages or structures...
  • In-Transit (Solo Vibraphone with Track)
    In-Transit (Solo Vibraphone with Track) $14.00 Add To Cart
    This inventive piece for solo vibraphone and electronics is meant to summon images of various modes of travel, whether walking, flying or riding. With opportunities for improvisation, In-Transit is the perfect vehicle for an...
  • Music for Vibraphone & Electronica
    Music for Vibraphone & Electronica $15.00 Add To Cart
    Music for Vibraphone & Electronica fuses together three different sounds and styles: electronic drum and bass music, as pioneered and popularized by artists Square Pusher and Aphex Twin, the Indonesian music of Bali, and...