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  • Auroras (Solo Glockenspiel + Electronics)
    Auroras (Solo Glockenspiel + Electronics) $18.00 Add To Cart
    Auroras is a 5-movement work for solo glockenspiel & electronics representing some of the breathtaking colors seen in these rare phenomena and are depicted by various textures, moods, and harmonic languages or structures...
  • InmersiĆ³n (Solo Vibraphone)
    InmersiĆ³n (Solo Vibraphone) $15.00 Add To Cart
    From its opening chords, Inmersión submerges the audience into the sonic world of the vibraphone. It is precisely the aim of the work to take advantage of the deep and beautiful sound of this instrument. From...
  • Nice to Know You (Solo Vibraphone)
    Nice to Know You (Solo Vibraphone) $14.00 Add To Cart
    Nice to Know You showcases the expressive capabilities of both the instrument and the performer. The piece is a reflection on the composer’s various memories one might have from losing a loved one. There are feelings...
  • Restless Little Star (Solo Vibraphone)
    Restless Little Star (Solo Vibraphone) $15.00 Add To Cart
    Restless Little Star is a vibraphone solo that details the anxiety of a sleepless night. The performer moves from delicate energies into a syncopated groove, before everything dissipates into echoes of the original music...