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  • Three Pieces for Timpani & Piano
    Three Pieces for Timpani & Piano $16.00 Add To Cart
    Unique in its scope and powerful in its musical content, Three Pieces for Timpani & Piano is accessible to a tremendous variety of players.Genre: Duet for Timpani & Piano | # of Players: 2 Level: Medium | Duration:...
  • Thunder
    Thunder $12.00 Add To Cart
    Thunder requires technical command of the instrument as well as a keen sense of musicality. The inspiration of the work comes directly from the title and is represented by the heavy articulated double stops in the opening of...
  • Toccata for Timpani
    Toccata for Timpani $12.00 Add To Cart
    Utilizing several pitch changes, this is a virtuosic and challenging tour-de-force for solo timpani.Genre: Timpani | # of Players: 1 Level: Difficult | Duration: 3:45 InstrumentationSolo...
  • Treading Lightly (Solo Timpani)
    Treading Lightly (Solo Timpani) $18.00 Add To Cart
    Focusing on developing a true legato timpani stroke, exploring various stroke types for weighted accents, and exploring different sound capabilities of the instrument; Treading Lightly serves as a great stepping stone in...