With Electronic Accompaniment

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  • Animism
    Animism $35.00 Add To Cart
    A fast paced, rhythmic gem. The timpanist has the opportunity to perform complex, strictly metered rhythms as well as some rubato sections of free playing. The score calls for extensive hand drumming techniques, and for...
  • Chakalaka (Solo Multi-Percussion + Electronics)
    Chakalaka (Solo Multi-Percussion + Electronics) $18.00 Add To Cart
    Chakalaka is an energetic solo for multi-percussion and electronic accompaniment that is heavily influenced by electronic music ranging from glitch-hop to drum 'n' bass and progressive trance The conglomeration of shimmering...
  • Quad Damage (Solo Tenor Drums + Track)
    Quad Damage (Solo Tenor Drums + Track) $18.00 Add To Cart
    Quad Damage is a set of three progressive solos for tenor drums – Nerfed, Buffed, & Epic. Each is written to be performed along with the same play-along track.Genre: Tenor Drums + Track | # of Players: 1 Level:...
  • Target Locked (Solo Multi-Percussion + Electronics)
    Target Locked (Solo Multi-Percussion + Electronics) $20.00 Add To Cart
    Target Locked explores the best of both worlds and brings concert snare and rudimental snare drumming into the recital hall while making the medium accessible to all audiences by grooving along with an electronic...