Multiple Percussion

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  • To Live and Die in the Wild (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    To Live and Die in the Wild (Solo Multi-Percussion) $20.00 Add To Cart
    Designed to evoke images of primitive life, To Live and Die in the Wild utilizes a range of sounds, including intense ritual drumming, intricate polyrhythmic cells, and weeping, howling effects made possible by fading...
  • Toy Box (Solo Multi-Percussion)
    Toy Box (Solo Multi-Percussion) $12.00 Add To Cart
    This piece is based on the idea to create a multi-percussion solo utilizing primarily small percussion "toys" and incorporating the programmatic elements of a child playing with the toys in his Toy Box. Genre: Multiple...
  • Transitions (piano reduction)
    Transitions (piano reduction) $38.00 Add To Cart
    Transitions is a concerto that is truly an exciting and challenging work for the soloist including virtuosic material on both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. This work will captivate any audience with its...
  • Wind-Up. Release.
    Wind-Up. Release. $12.00 Add To Cart
    Wind-Up. based on two ideas. The first is that the music is an interpretation of multiple gears, each having their own individual function, working together the way the inside of a wind-up toy might look. It is...