Multiple Percussion

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  • Concerto for Percussion Solo & Percussion Ensemble
    Concerto for Percussion Solo & Percussion Ensemble $75.00 Choose Options
    This concerto is in three connected movements and features the soloist on a variety of instruments, including marimba, vibraphone, bells, and crotales and a large percussion battery with two snare drums, multiple toms, brake...
  • Entangled States
    Entangled States $36.00 Add To Cart
    Entangled States is a concertino for multi-percussion soloist and percussion trio. Using the concepts of quantum entanglement, the materials of music, and various percussion instruments, Entangled States is a study in the...
  • Mandala in Funk
    Mandala in Funk $40.00 Add To Cart
    The piece is titled to reflect the two energies in the work: 1) the chanting monks of Tibet and 2) the Funk Music of New Orleans. 5 movements: “Meditation in Mambo’ (uses the mambo beat pattern), “Voodoo...
  • Shadowfax (Solo Rudimental SD + Perc 4)
    Shadowfax (Solo Rudimental SD + Perc 4) $42.00 Add To Cart
    This piece for rudimental snare drum and percussion quartet portrays the unbridled energy and limitless strength of the horse Shadowfax (from "Lord of the Rings.") The enterprising listener will find many representations...
  • Shadows
    Shadows $48.00 Add To Cart
    A spirited multi percussion feature with mallet ensemble. With contrasting sections of mysterious melodies and rhythmic ferocity, this work has it all.Genre: Solo Percussion with Percussion Ensemble | # of Players: 4 + Solo...
  • Song of Middle Earth
    Song of Middle Earth $60.00 Add To Cart
    This piece is filled with the excitement of rhythmic animation that is unique to the percussion orchestra and the color of the harmonic pallet achieved with keyboard percussion.Genre: Solo with Percussion Ensemble | # of...
  • Timeless
    Timeless $45.00 Add To Cart
    An impressive follow-up to Burritt’s extremely successful Shadow Chasers, Timeless centers more around the beautiful colors that the marimba can produce when combined with other mallet instruments and percussion...
  • Transitions (percussion ensemble)
    Transitions (percussion ensemble) $72.00 Choose Options
    This concerto is truly an exciting and challenging work for the soloist including virtuosic material on both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. This work will captivate any audience with its musical contrasts...