With Woodwinds

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  • Strange Dreams
    Strange Dreams $40.00 Add To Cart
    Based on the poetry of StoryPeople creator Brian Andreas, Strange Dreams illustrates each of four unique stories – Unheard Music, Ballerina Mom, Mermaid Song, & Pools of Light – with their own individually...
  • Summer's Light
    Summer's Light $32.00 Add To Cart
    The three movements of Summer’s Light depict a landscape of light over a 24 hour period of time – Solaris, Lunaris & IncendoGenre: Duet for Flute & Marimba | # of Players: 2 Level: Medium | Duration:...
  • Tangling Shadows (Version 1)
    Tangling Shadows (Version 1) $32.00 Add To Cart
    Based upon the Pablo Neruda poem, “Thinking, Tangling Shadows,” Tangling Shadows features the unique combination of the oboe and vibraphone, ranging several moods and styles.Genre: Duet for Oboe or Soprano Sax...
  • Tangling Shadows (Version 2)
    Tangling Shadows (Version 2) $32.00 Add To Cart
    Based upon the Pablo Neruda poem, “Thinking, Tangling Shadows.” Fragments of the text may be found throughout the score for reference.Genre: Duet for Oboe or Soprano Sax & Marimba | # of Players: 2 Level:...
  • Three Days in May
    Three Days in May $28.00 Add To Cart
    In the musical world, the sounds of the flute and those of the majority of percussion instruments are not the closest of kin. Despite this difference in sonic quality (or more likely because of it), numerous interesting and...
  • Three Inventions for Flute & Percussion
    Three Inventions for Flute & Percussion $42.00 Add To Cart
    The Three Inventions for Flute & Percussion are not inventions in the Baroque sense, but rather three pieces that simply involve imitation between the two performers. The outer movements are in strict time, while the...
  • Three Maqamat
    Three Maqamat $28.00 Add To Cart
    In each of his Three Maqamat – Nawa Athar, Nakriz, and Saba Kurd – Meister uses unique techniques in both parts-such as tongue slaps, random key clicks, microtones, and so on to emulate sounds of instruments from...
  • Twilight Remembered
    Twilight Remembered $26.00 Add To Cart
    The coloristic and registral transformations occurring in Twilight Remembered allude to the gradually dimming hues of sunset over water. The sounds move gradually from high to low from the beginning to the end of the piece...
  • Two Moods for Clarinet & Marimba
    Two Moods for Clarinet & Marimba $19.00 Add To Cart
    Two Moods for Clarinet & Marimba features a constant blending and interaction between the two instruments. The two movements/moods imitate characteristic forms and rhythms of Baroque dances while incorporating modal...
  • Verve (Duet for Bass Clarinet & Marimba)
    Verve (Duet for Bass Clarinet & Marimba) $25.00 Add To Cart
    The word Verve was the sole inspiration for this duet for bass clarinet and marimba. The woody, reedy qualities of both instruments already blend so well that I thought it would be fun to have them constantly emerging out of...
  • Visions and Apparitions
    Visions and Apparitions $32.00 Add To Cart
    Commissioned by Keith Aleo (Florida Philharmonic) and Nancy Stagnitta (Baltimore Opera Orchestra) for percussion and flute. Each movement of Visions and Apparitions depicts various aspects of Catholic Mysticism.Genre: Duet...
  • Vocalise (Chenowith)
    Vocalise (Chenowith) $20.00 Add To Cart
    This duo is a captivating piece that is great for recitals. The marimba part requires four-mallet independence and one-handed rolls. An expressive and romantic duo for a wonderful combination of instruments. Genre: Duet for...