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  • Duology: 10 Duets for Young Percussionists
    Duology: 10 Duets for Young Percussionists $25.00 Add To Cart
    Duology is a collection of duets was designed to give young percussionists the opportunity to grow as musicians by collaborating with friends. The book is divided into four sections – drum+drum, keyboard+keyboard,...
  • Mutual Interest (Multi-Percussion Duet Collection)
    Mutual Interest (Multi-Percussion Duet Collection) $32.00 Add To Cart
    Mutual Interest was written in recognition of the need for quality percussion duets at the intermediate level for students with limited instrument resources or rehearsal space. Each piece uses instruments commonly available...
  • Old Pond, The (Version 2)
    Old Pond, The (Version 2) $20.00 Add To Cart
    This 3-1/2 minute work was written on the occasion of Daughtrey's grandfather's 90th birthday. It is meant to capture and "reflect" on the many wonderful memories of fishing with his grandfather with bamboo poles and live...
  • Pals
    Pals $10.00 Add To Cart
    Pals is a delightful little rudimental snare drum duet featuring flams, 3-, 7-, and 11-stroke rolls, and lots of triplets.Genre: Duet for 2 Snare Drums | # of Players: 2 Level: Medium Easy | Duration: 1:30 Instrumentation2...
  • Singing Wood
    Singing Wood $28.00 Add To Cart
    Singing Wood is based upon interpretations of four woodcut prints: “Lake Louise” by Walter J. Phillips, “Singing Wood” by Gustave Baumann, “Willows and the Moon” by Arthur Wesley Dow...
  • Two Moods for Clarinet & Marimba
    Two Moods for Clarinet & Marimba $19.00 Add To Cart
    Two Moods for Clarinet & Marimba features a constant blending and interaction between the two instruments. The two movements/moods imitate characteristic forms and rhythms of Baroque dances while incorporating modal...