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  • Changes in Time (String Orch Gr. 4)
    Changes in Time (String Orch Gr. 4) $60.00 Choose Options
    Opening with a haunting ostinato passage, Changes in Time builds on the phrase to create an air of intensity and excitement until the very end. While the piece is unique, it does impart a sense of ‘familiarity’...
  • Concerto for Violoncello & Ten Instruments
    Concerto for Violoncello & Ten Instruments $140.00 Pre-Order Now
    Concerto for Violoncello & Ten Instruments is a brilliant 3-movement showpiece for cello virtuoso and chamber orchestra. Genre: Solo Cello with Chamber Ensemble | # of Players: 11 Level: 5 | Duration: 32:00...
  • Fancies (String Quartet)
    Fancies (String Quartet) $50.00 Pre-Order Now
    Fancies is a one-movement concert work for string quartet that is dedicated to the Los Angeles-based Lyris Quartet.Genre: String Quartet | # of Players: 4 Level: 5 | Duration: 10:25 InstrumentationViolin I Violin II Viola...
  • Four Kinds of Walking (String Orchestra)
    Four Kinds of Walking (String Orchestra) $120.00 Pre-Order Now
    Four Kinds of Walking is a descriptive four-movement suite for string orchestra.Genre: String Orchestra | # of Players: 8-8-5-5-5 Level: 4.5 | Duration: 14:30 InstrumentationViolin I (8) Violin II (8) Viola (5) Violoncello...
  • Motives & Other Distractions (String Orch Gr. 4)
    Motives & Other Distractions (String Orch Gr. 4) $60.00 Choose Options
    Motives & Other Distractions is a challenging yet playful composition. The opening syncopated motive is used throughout to drive the piece dramatically to several climatic points. There is liberal use of close arco and...
  • Salmagundi (String Quartet & Full Orchestra)
    Salmagundi (String Quartet & Full Orchestra) $0.00 Pre-Order Now
    Commissioned by and dedicated to the New West Symphony & the Lyris Quartet, Salmagundi is a serious three-movement showpiece for string quartet and full orchestra.Genre: String Quartet with Full Orchestra | # of Players:...
  • Sonata for Violoncello & Piano
    Sonata for Violoncello & Piano $40.00 Pre-Order Now
    Dedicated to cellist Andrew Shulman, Sonata for Violoncello and Piano is a challenging and engaging three-movement concert work.Genre: Cello & Piano | # of Players: 2 Level: 5 | Duration: 20:40 InstrumentationCello...
  • Transitions (Solo Percussion & Orchestra)
    Transitions (Solo Percussion & Orchestra) $0.00 Choose Options
    Transitions is an exciting and challenging three-movement work for solo percussionist including virtuosic material on both pitched and non-pitched instruments. It will captivate any audience with its musical contrasts and...