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  • Open Spaces (Solo 4-Mallet Marimba)
    Open Spaces (Solo 4-Mallet Marimba) $15.00 Add To Cart
    Open space is a valuable resource, but it is not singularly perceived. Open space can be vast and create a sense of isolation. It can be felt as unending, a necessary but tedious passageway between here and there. Open space...
  • Outback Suite (Solo 4-Mallet Marimba)
    Outback Suite (Solo 4-Mallet Marimba) $20.00 Add To Cart
    Outback Suite is a suite of three pieces that can be performed together or as short standalone works. Each movement elicits a scene from the beautiful and diverse Australia. Filling a void in early four mallet literature,...
  • Rayleigh (Solo Marimba)
    Rayleigh (Solo Marimba) $18.00 Add To Cart
    Rayleigh is an engaging marimba piece that allows the player to enjoy the process of creating musicality on the marimba. With many contrasting styles and some difficult passages, this an excellent developmental solo for the...
  • Spicy Jam (Solo 4-Mallet Marimba)
    Spicy Jam (Solo 4-Mallet Marimba) $15.00 Add To Cart
    Get your funk on with Spicy Jam! This fun solo for intermediate 4-mallet marimba keeps you on your toes with syncopated rhythms and exciting melodies with a touch of blues.Genre: Marimba (4-mallet) | # of Players: 1 Level:...
  • Stardust (Solo 4.3-octave Marimba)
    Stardust (Solo 4.3-octave Marimba) $16.00 Add To Cart
    Taking inspiration from composers such as Michael Burritt and Eric Sammut and using the whole range of the instrument to great effect, Stardust is a lyrical solo for marimba that will take listeners on a moving journey...
  • Swan Song (Solo 5-octave Marimba)
    Swan Song (Solo 5-octave Marimba) $18.00 Add To Cart
    Dedicated to the composer's undergraduate composition teacher, Swan Song has a constant forward motion throughout the piece and a steady build of energy with little time for rest for both the audience and the performer...
  • Tall Tales (Solo 4-Mallet Marimba)
    Tall Tales (Solo 4-Mallet Marimba) $20.00 Add To Cart
    All playable on a 4.3-octave instrument, Tall Tales is a varied collection of 8 solos for the developing 4-mallet marimbist. Each of the engaging solos has its own programmatic spin on it, which makes it even more fun for...
  • Two Illusions (Solo 2-Mallet Marimba)
    Two Illusions (Solo 2-Mallet Marimba) $15.00 Add To Cart
    Two Illusions is a pair of fun 2-mallet solos for the developing marimbist – Moonlight Shadow & Vicious Fishes. Each solo pairs simpler technical challenges with elements you would find in a higher-level piece,...
  • Two Steps Forward (Keyboard Percussion Reading Method)
    Two Steps Forward (Keyboard Percussion Reading Method) $30.00 Add To Cart
    Two Steps Forward is a method book that provides a logical and systematic approach to aid beginning keyboard percussionists in developing strong reading skills. Included in this collection are over thirty progressive etudes,...