Keyboard Percussion

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  • Suite Marimba
    Suite Marimba $12.00 Add To Cart
    This collection for marimba incorporates two traditional dance suite styles – minuet and gigue – along with an invention, a tango, and a beautifully fluid chorale. The five works may be performed as a complete...
  • Surface
    Surface $18.00 Add To Cart
    Surface is a challenging work for 5-octave marimba that provides tremendous musical depth for the performer while remaining engaging and moving for an audience. Imagine, if you will, the concept of a "surface": a textured...
  • Tambourin Chinois
    Tambourin Chinois $24.00 Add To Cart
    Originally composed in 1910 for violin and piano, Tambourin Chinois has become a very popular showpiece in the repertoire. Edward Bach has reimagined it here as an exciting solo xylophone feature with brass quintet...
  • TetraCurrent
    TetraCurrent $28.00 Add To Cart
    TetraCurrent is a grooving intermediate marimba quartet featuring syncopated accompanimental tone clusters and memorable melodies,Genre: Percussion Ensemble | # of Players: 4 Level: Medium | Duration: 3:30...
  • Three Miniatures for Vibraphone
    Three Miniatures for Vibraphone $12.00 Add To Cart
    These miniatures present various genres for the vibraphone. The prelude has an ethereal character and features an alternation of passages with bows and mallets. The canon that follows is in stark contrast to the prelude with...
  • Three Questions for Solo Marimba
    Three Questions for Solo Marimba $18.00 Add To Cart
    This three-movement work for solo marimba contemplates some of the questions a new parent might have, with a wide variety of musical textures and performance techniques being explored by the performer. Genre: Marimba...
  • Trance
    Trance $12.00 Add To Cart
    Trance is a marimba solo filled with rhythmic drive and groove that explores the full dynamic range of the instrument while still maintaining a sense of lightness and subtlety.Genre: Marimba (4-mallet) | # of Players: 1...
  • Vuja De
    Vuja De $20.00 Add To Cart
    Déja vu is the phenomenon when an event, situation, or conversation, currently occurring but having never happened before, feels oddly and inexplicably familiar. Vuja De is the exact opposite. It proposes that...
  • Wooden Triptych
    Wooden Triptych $28.00 Add To Cart
    A three-movement ode to American radio, Wooden Triptych constantly "flips" through and combines a variety of musical genres in a way listeners are sure to enjoy! The work can be performed by a variety of instruments,...
  • You Can't Get There From Here
    You Can't Get There From Here $20.00 Add To Cart
    A celebration of the life of the composer's grandfather, You Can't Get There From Here is a beautiful intermediate duet for vibraphone and marimba that would be appropriate in any number of performance situations.Genre: Duet...