Percussion Ensemble

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  • Roundabout (Perc Ens 3)
    Roundabout (Perc Ens 3) $28.00 Add To Cart
    Roundabout is a visually and aurally captivating non-pitched percussion trio based on two simple key elements: the first, a circular ensemble set‐up surrounding a single, shared ride cymbal and second, the incorporation of...
  • Rumble Strips (Perc Ens 7 + Electronics)
    Rumble Strips (Perc Ens 7 + Electronics) $50.00 Add To Cart
    Inspired by noise pop, techno/trance, and dubstep, Rumble Strips mixes acoustic percussion with audio accompaniment. Not just a 'pop' piece, Rumble Strips is a challenging, yet fun work for the performers and audience...
  • Shadowfax (Solo Rudimental SD + Perc 4)
    Shadowfax (Solo Rudimental SD + Perc 4) $42.00 Add To Cart
    This piece for rudimental snare drum and percussion quartet portrays the unbridled energy and limitless strength of the horse Shadowfax (from "Lord of the Rings.") The enterprising listener will find many representations...
  • Slide (Perc Ens 15 + Piano)
    Slide (Perc Ens 15 + Piano) $75.00 Add To Cart
    Conceived as a companion piece to one of Dave Hall's other works, "Surfacing," Slide is dedicated to his three children, who are filled with such joy with the simplicity of going down a slide after the hard work of climbing...
  • SoCal Gal (Perc Ens 8)
    SoCal Gal (Perc Ens 8) $36.00 Add To Cart
    SoCal Gal is a Soca-style tune for young percussion ensembles. Inspired by the songs of Trinidad & Tobago, this ensemble is very playable and tons of fun for both audiences and performers and a perfect addition for...
  • Some People's Kids (Perc Ens 8-9)
    Some People's Kids (Perc Ens 8-9) $32.00 Add To Cart
    Some People's Kids is a set of two short pieces for percussion ensemble each based around a 16-bar melody written by Gottry's two kids.Genre: Percussion Ensemble | # of Players: 8-9 Level: Medium | Duration: 4:20...
  • SyncoShift (Perc Ens 4)
    SyncoShift (Perc Ens 4) $32.00 Add To Cart
    One vibraphone & four players! If you are looking for a great mallet quartet for your students but have limited instruments, SyncoShift is the piece for you!Genre: Percussion Ensemble | # of Players: 4 Level: Medium |...
  • Syzygy (Perc Ens 8)
    Syzygy (Perc Ens 8) $40.00 Add To Cart
    Syzygy, meaning the alignment of celestial bodies, is reflected in this work for mallet ensemble. The piece uses multiple rhythmic and melodic themes to create a juxtaposition between feelings of tension and calmness.Genre:...
  • Tight Quarters (Perc Ens 4-7+)
    Tight Quarters (Perc Ens 4-7+) $29.00 Add To Cart
    Demonstrating an extreme economy of space, Tight Quarters is scored for four players on a single, shared xylophone, with an optional glockenspiel part playable by one to three players, again on a single instrument...
  • Toccata for Percussion Orchestra (12 players)
    Toccata for Percussion Orchestra (12 players) $75.00 Add To Cart
    Toccata for Percussion Orchestra is a tour-de-force for 12 percussionists that is rooted in the Romantic era, while simultaneously merging with 21st century sensibilities. The physical & emotional impact will leave you...
  • Under Attack! (Perc Ens 4)
    Under Attack! (Perc Ens 4) $32.00 Add To Cart
    Inspired by the Battle of Hoth in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, Under Attack! is an exciting battery percussion quartet sure to get your heart pumping.Genre: Percussion Ensemble | # of Players: 4 Level:...
  • Xerosis (Percussion Trio)
    Xerosis (Percussion Trio) $29.00 Add To Cart
    As a small, chamber work for handheld percussion, this is an excellent change of pace piece for percussion ensembles. Appropriate for run-out concerts, tour performances, or for a “front-of-curtain” selection to...