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  • That I May Love (Band Gr. 3)
    That I May Love (Band Gr. 3) $70.00 Choose Options
    That I May Love draws its title from the first verse of the hymn, “Breathe on me, Breath of God.” Its prayer-like request is that the loving nature of God bestowed on those who sing the hymn so that they may love...
  • Thousand Passions, A (Band Gr. 4)
    Thousand Passions, A (Band Gr. 4) $110.00 Choose Options
    This inspiring work reminds us that we are all given a gift, and that gift is our passion. When we unite our passions as our community and commit to courageously fulfilling our gifts, we will be connected forever by one...
  • Three Hounds (Band Gr. 4)
    Three Hounds (Band Gr. 4) $125.00 Choose Options
    Three Hounds consists of three movements, each movement exploring the personality of three dogs; Terence - The Bassett Hound, Hansel - The Dachshund and Roofus - The English Fox Hound. Terence is very docile, extremely...
  • Trailblazer (Band Gr. 4)
    Trailblazer (Band Gr. 4) $85.00 Choose Options
    Filled with color, imagination, and adventure, Trailblazer, gives the brass and percussion their moment in the sun, leading the way in this bright, celebratory work for wind band.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 4...
  • Triumphal Procession, A (Band Gr. 1)
    Triumphal Procession, A (Band Gr. 1) $67.00 Choose Options
    A stark fanfare and a warm chorale-like melody combine to create mood worthy of a royal entrance - A Triumphal Procession indeed. The piece opens with simple, almost primitive fanfare that echoes around the ensemble. This is...
  • True Things (Band Gr. 4)
    True Things (Band Gr. 4) $85.00 Choose Options
    Originally a marimba & vibraphone duet written as a wedding gift for my friends Michael & Sara Wood, True Things was inspired by the poem and beautiful watercolor print of the same title by StoryPeople creator Brian...
  • Variations on 'Laudate Dominum' (Band Gr. 5)
    Variations on 'Laudate Dominum' (Band Gr. 5) $85.00 Choose Options
    The theme is a noble hymn tune by Sir Hubert H. Parry, associated with the words ‘O praise ye the Lord’. There are seven contrasting variations that will provide much interest to the player as well as the...
  • Vox in Aeternum (Band Gr. 3)
    Vox in Aeternum (Band Gr. 3) $75.00 Choose Options
    Vox in Aeternum features the rich, dark low brass and woodwinds echoing the voices of a harmonious men’s choir in call-and-response with the upper woodwinds. The dramatic arc of the piece will take your breath away as...
  • Watch the Light (Band Gr. 3)
    Watch the Light (Band Gr. 3) $80.00 Choose Options
    Written in honor of a new-born nephew, Watch the Light is a inspiring ballad that reminds us to always look ahead and be optimistic for whatever the future may bring. Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 |...
  • With Wings Like Eagles (Band Gr. 4)
    With Wings Like Eagles (Band Gr. 4) $100.00 Choose Options
    With Wings Like Eagles is a ceremonial march that offers an alternative to the traditional processional for graduation or other ceremonial occasion. The writing is scored to allow for breaks from playing, especially in the...
  • Wonderworld (Band Gr. 4)
    Wonderworld (Band Gr. 4) $92.00 Choose Options
    In Wonderworld, the band enters into a mysterious and colorful world of circuses and fairgrounds. However, life is not just “bread and circuses;” in the middle of the piece there is time for the darker sides of...
  • Wondrous Love (Band Gr. 2.5)
    Wondrous Love (Band Gr. 2.5) $70.00 Choose Options
    2017-18 J.W. Pepper Editor's Choice Selection This free setting of the hymn song “What Wondrous Love Is This” focuses on the variety of tonal colors and instrumental textures possible with the wind band. While...