Grade 5

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  • "Alla Marcia" from Karelia Suite (Band Gr. 5)
    "Alla Marcia" from Karelia Suite (Band Gr. 5) $120.00 Choose Options
    Jean Sibelius (1865 – 1957) is Finland’s most famous composer. The Alla Marcia finds its origins as one of the two intermezzi in the 44-minute Karelia Music composed in 1893. It is a light-upbeat work that has...
  • Ad Lucem (Band Gr. 4.5)
    Ad Lucem (Band Gr. 4.5) $89.00 Choose Options
    Commissioned by Blackburn High School Friends of Music for the Symphonic Band performance at The Midwest Clinic, International Band and Orchestra Conference 2017, Chicago USA. Based on the opening phrase of the Blackburn...
  • Celebration! (Band Gr. 5)
    Celebration! (Band Gr. 5) $92.00 Choose Options
    Celebration! is a challenging & jubilant fanfare & overture for wind band, featuring constantly shifting mixed meters, syncopation, and soaring solos in the horn and euphonium. It works perfectly as either a concert...
  • In the World of Spirits (Wind Ensemble)
    In the World of Spirits (Wind Ensemble) $180.00 Choose Options
    Inspired by the spirit beliefs of the Plains Indians, In the World of Spirits represents the energy, terror and drama in a world of pure being.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 5 | Duration: 11:00...
  • Refracted Moonlight (Band Gr. 5)
    Refracted Moonlight (Band Gr. 5) $120.00 Choose Options
    Refracted Moonlight is a masterfully crafted interpretation of motives & melodies from Debussy's "Claire de Lune" viewed through the filter of the octatonic scale. Although Cairns uses fragments of Debussy's piece, this...
  • Song of the Open Road (Solo Vibraphone & Band)
    Song of the Open Road (Solo Vibraphone & Band) $140.00 Choose Options
    Song of the Open Road is a colorful three-section work for solo vibraphone and wind ensemble inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem of the same title. Equally lyrical and virtuosic, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase...
  • Spacious Skies (Saxophone Quartet & Band)
    Spacious Skies (Saxophone Quartet & Band) $175.00 Choose Options
    Spacious Skies is dedicated to Colonel Larry H. Lang and the United States Air Force Band (Washington D.C.) in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the United States Air Force.Genre: Saxophone Quartet with Band | # of...
  • Tent Meeting Revival (Euphonium & Wind Ensemble)
    Tent Meeting Revival (Euphonium & Wind Ensemble) $170.00 Choose Options
    Tent Meeting Revival is an extended character piece in which the soloist takes the part of the preacher cajoling, leading and exhorting the faithful through hallelujahs, prayers, and enthusiastic devotion during an...
  • Tocsin (Band Gr. 5)
    Tocsin (Band Gr. 5) $120.00 Choose Options
    The word "tocsin" means "alarm" and refers to the shrieking repetitive chord, which appears at the beginning of the world in the woodwinds and percussion. Like many of Stamp's works, this piece explores multiple key center...
  • Towards Joy (Band 5)
    Towards Joy (Band 5) $130.00 Choose Options
    Towards Joy is 6 minutes of exuberance, sparkle, and celebration inspired by three short poems by writer/artist Brian Andreas. This demanding work features a clarinet solo as well as section features for the saxophones,...
  • Turbulence (Solo Tuba & Symphonic Band)
    Turbulence (Solo Tuba & Symphonic Band) $140.00 Choose Options
    Turbulence is a colorful & virtuosic showpiece for solo tuba and symphonic band that takes the listener on quite a journey in such a short period of time.Genre: Solo Tuba with Band | # of Players: Standard + 1 Level: 5 |...
  • World Dances (Band Gr. 5)
    World Dances (Band Gr. 5) $125.00 Choose Options
    World Dances, by Stephen Roberts, is a suite of four dances, each with a distinctive rhythmic character. It is designed to be easy, but enjoyable, to play and was originally commissioned by the National Schools Band...