Grade 5

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  • anti-Fanfare (Wind Ens Minus Brass Gr. 5)
    anti-Fanfare (Wind Ens Minus Brass Gr. 5) $85.00 Choose Options
    Why should the brass get to play all of the fanfares? Andrew Blair’s new work anti-Fanfare is a thrilling and unique concert opener for wind ensemble, minus brass, that allows your band to stand out, while the brass...
  • Assurance (Band Gr. 5)
    Assurance (Band Gr. 5) $140.00 Choose Options
    The word “assurance” is paramount to understanding the meaning and intent of this piece. The definition of the word "assurance" renders such synonyms as "confidence," "promise," "bond," and "commitment." Each...
  • Fanfare for a Bright, New World (Band Gr. 5)
    Fanfare for a Bright, New World (Band Gr. 5) $120.00 Choose Options
    This uplifting fanfare is 3-1/2 minutes of rhythmic excitement, flowing lyricism, and nods to the music of John Adams. Perfect opener or closer for your next program!Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 5 | Duration:...
  • From Whence They Came (Concert Band Gr. 5)
    From Whence They Came (Concert Band Gr. 5) $150.00 Choose Options
    From Whence They Came is an impression of the totality of the West African migration experience and subsequent influence, establishment and celebration of Gullah culture. Rather than attempt to build a historical timeline,...
  • Joyau (6 Solo Percussion with Band Gr. 5)
    Joyau (6 Solo Percussion with Band Gr. 5) $140.00 Choose Options
    Joyau is a French word translating to "jewel," or in the case of music, a "showpiece." Therefore, the work was composed as a “showpiece” for the entire percussion section consisting of timpani and an array of...
  • Lift (Band Gr. 4.5)
    Lift (Band Gr. 4.5) $130.00 Choose Options
    Lift is a thrilling & playful joyride of an overture that gives every section of the ensemble their moment in the spotlight. A real tour-de-force that demands a rousing standing ovation.Genre: Band | # of Players:...
  • Quaternity (Solo Trombone + Symphonic Winds)
    Quaternity (Solo Trombone + Symphonic Winds) $180.00 Choose Options
    Quaternity is a four-movement suite for trombone solo and band written for famed trombonist Joe Alessi. A quaternity is simply a group of four, but a group that represents wholeness. This particular quaternity is one that...
  • Rise Up (Band Gr. 5)
    Rise Up (Band Gr. 5) $92.00 Choose Options
    Concert band arrangement of a winning fanfare from the annual Dallas Winds fanfare competition, this work is a perfect concert opener or closer. The joyous and energetic opening and closing as well as melodic B section make...
  • When a Good Man Goes to War (Band Gr. 5)
    When a Good Man Goes to War (Band Gr. 5) $92.00 Choose Options
    Based on a concept derived from several episodes of the BBC's television series "Doctor Who" this work portrays the complexity of the human condition and the wellspring of hope that often shimmers through even the darkest of...