Jazz Ensemble

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  • SoundMass
    SoundMass $50.00 Add To Cart
    SoundMass is a concert-style piece for jazz orchestra exploring traditional and non-traditional harmonies for jazz orchestra.Genre: Jazz Orchestra | # of Players: 22 Level: Medium Difficult | Duration: 10:00 Instrumentation1...
  • Strollin'
    Strollin' $50.00 Choose Options
    Strollin' is a medium blues in a Basie style swing. Opening with a featured bass line strolling over a twelve bar blues, Strollin' refers to the colloquial name jazz musicians use when playing in a rhythm section without a...
  • Super Groove
    Super Groove $45.00 Choose Options
    Written in a funk style, Super Groove blends elements of soul, jazz and rhythm n' blues with a strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drums. This is an excellent chart to introduce a young musician to the concept of...
  • Two Scoops
    Two Scoops $45.00 Choose Options
    Two Scoops provides an opportunity for beginning jazz students to experience a medium tempo swing chart in a laid- back Basie style.Genre: Beginner Jazz Series | # of Players: Level: 1 | Duration: 4:55 InstrumentationAlto...