Brolga Jazz Catalog

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  • Motor City
    Motor City $45.00 Choose Options
    The title Motor City refers to music of Detroit and the styles associated with Motown records. Concentrating on building confidence in the inexperienced rhythm section, with riff based melodic ideas in the wind players;...
  • My Temptation
    My Temptation $45.00 Choose Options
    My Temptation is a slow swing ballad based on the Neal Hefti style of Lil' Darlin’ originally written for the Count Basie Orchestra's 1958 album ‘The Atomic Mr.Basie’. After a brief piano introduction, the...
  • NOLA Roller, The
    NOLA Roller, The $55.00 Choose Options
    The NOLA Roller is a rollicking, fun chart with a New Orleans style groove that your band will love. The catchy tune shared by most of the band is easy to grasp but has enough challenge to keep the chart interesting while...
  • Patch Goes to Town
    Patch Goes to Town $57.00 Choose Options
    Patch Goes To Town was written about the first time my son went in to the ‘city’. The melody in the opening reflects his excited and happy mood - you can almost hear him stopping at intersections for traffic...
  • Remembering Greg
    Remembering Greg $45.00 Choose Options
    Remembering Greg is an even eighth-note ballad, challenging players to play and shape through long phrases.Genre: Jazz Ensemble Series | # of Players: Level: 3 | Duration: 3:50 InstrumentationAlto Saxophone 1, 2 Tenor...
  • Slammin' Joe's
    Slammin' Joe's $57.00 Choose Options
    Slammin' Joe's challenges the ensemble to explore a swing shuffle style with a contemporary edge. It provides a great opportunity to engage school guitarists who sometimes feel the big band experience is not as fun as...
  • Strollin'
    Strollin' $50.00 Choose Options
    Strollin' is a medium blues in a Basie style swing. Opening with a featured bass line strolling over a twelve bar blues, Strollin' refers to the colloquial name jazz musicians use when playing in a rhythm section without a...
  • Super Fast & Easy Warm-Up for Big Band
    Super Fast & Easy Warm-Up for Big Band $50.00 Choose Options
    In the first few minutes of rehearsal, Super-Fast and Easy Warm Ups for Big Band helps the band make a satisfying, cohesive sound from the outset, while learning (or consolidating) some of the most important elements of big...
  • Super Groove
    Super Groove $45.00 Choose Options
    Written in a funk style, Super Groove blends elements of soul, jazz and rhythm n' blues with a strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drums. This is an excellent chart to introduce a young musician to the concept of...
  • Tricks of the Trade
    Tricks of the Trade $45.00 Choose Options
    Tricks of the Trade introduces very young big band musicians to some basic but commonly used skills for big band playing – hence the title.Genre: Beginner Jazz Ensemble | # of Players: Standard Level: 1 | Duration:...
  • Two Scoops
    Two Scoops $45.00 Choose Options
    Two Scoops provides an opportunity for beginning jazz students to experience a medium tempo swing chart in a laid- back Basie style.Genre: Beginner Jazz Series | # of Players: Level: 1 | Duration: 4:55 InstrumentationAlto...
  • What Will Be
    What Will Be $55.00 Choose Options
    What Will Be is a slow rock ballad to feature either alto sax, trombone, or trumpet/flugelhorn. The chart features a simple but yet emotional melody supported by an interesting harmonic progression. The soloist is supported...