Electronic Accompaniment for INDESCRIBABLE by Bryce Craig


  • Each track is meant to fade in and out by itself, so no mixing is required beyond setting initial levels.

  • Track 1: Ambient nature sounds to be played at the very beginning of the piece. After the track has played for approximately ten seconds, Percussion 1 and 3 are to be cued to begin their improvisatory gestures. After waiting another ten seconds, the conductor is to begin the piece. The track plays for about 2 minutes and fades out.
  • Track 2: Various rain, thunder, and wind sounds followed by low frequency and wind sounds meant to depict a tornado. The track is to be started at measure 53 and played through the fermata at measure 73. At this measure the performers are to continue their improvisatory gestures and interact with the sounds on the track. The conductor is to listen for the track to begin fading out and cue the performers to fade with it, ending with a complete cut-off before starting letter F.

  •  Track 3: More ambient nature sounds to be played at letter L. Percussion 3 should fade out roughly ten second after the bells and vibes have played their last note, leaving only the track playing and fading out itself.

    Download Links
  • Download all tracks in ZIP folder (102.9 MB)

  • Download Track 1 (30.5MB)

  • Download Track 2 (69.2MB)

  • Download Track 3 (14.4MB)