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Ghost Garden (Solo 4-Mallet Marimba)


Genre: Solo Marimba (4-mallet)
# of Players: 1
Level: Medium Easy | Duration: 4:45
Publisher: C. Alan Publications | Copyright: 2015

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  • Notes & Instrumentation

    Ghost Garden is a delightful intermediate work for 4.3-octave marimba that paints a bittersweet picture of those vacant, abandoned lots where once there thriving businesses or lavish homes.

    Genre: Solo Marimba (4-mallet) | # of Players: 1
    Level: Medium Easy | Duration: 4:45

    4.3-octave Marimba

    Program Notes
    Driving through many major American cities, it's hard not to notice the plethora of vacant and abandonded lots. Where once stood proud businesses, lavish homes, or civic buildings, there is now little more than a blank, grassy plot of land. Though the blank space on the canvas of the cityscape can be profoundly sad, something amazing happens within these empty spaces. Left alone, life swells forth, and these vacant lots start to produce trees, flowers, and grass. Many people have started referring to such lots as Ghost Gardens. In this piece, you can hear where the lot once held a vibrant and exciting tone, only to slowly fade away and change. Through a series of transitional themes, the main idea reforms and comes back as the piece concludes, thus depicting the beauty of the land as it is reimagined.

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    • Ghost Garden

      Ghost Garden for solo 4.3 octave marimba. By Adam Hopper Published through C. Alan Publications
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    1. Ghost Garden

      Great piece to learn. Minor problems with notes being written incorrectly but it doesn’t takeaway from the overall experience. on Jun 8th 2020

    2. Been working on the piece 3 hours a day for about a week

      really enjoying this piece. This was my first four mallet solo and it has improved my playing ability tremendously. on Nov 8th 2018

    3. Great Piece!!

      I'm in love with this marimba solo! Definitely one you should learn. on Aug 14th 2017

    4. Building Strong Four Mallet Technique

      Ghost Garden is a wonderful medium easy piece that will cover some of the basics in advancing four mallet techniques, from standard patterns in the beginning to double verticals and isolated strokes, to roll passages near the end. A delightful piece for any performance. on Jun 12th 2017