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Featured Video: SPIDERWEB LEAD by Adam Silverman


Spiderweb Lead is a percussion quartet that brings together steel drum, marimba, vibraphone and a percussion accompaniment that can be played on drums of the performer’s choice such as tablas, bongos and congas, cajon, or any hand drum. In this composition, instruments are treated with nods to their ethnic origins and immersion in contemporary percussion techniques, with a variety of non-traditional beaters used on the steel drum and percussive playing on its rim.

Lead Steel Pan (+ Junk Metal Crash)
Marimba (5-octave)
Hand Drum

Composer Spotlight: ADAM SILVERMAN

An already well-established composer in his own right, ADAM SILVERMAN is known for his inventive scoring, rhythmic drive, and sophisticated yet approachable harmonic language. Take a few moments to check out several of his works for percussion. Naked and On Fire (percussion sextet) Nightmare Machine (solo drum set + track) Quick Blood (percussion quartet) Sparklefrog (percussion octet)

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Featured Video: CHASING INFINITY by Nathan Daughtrey

Percussion Ensemble (13 players) Performed by The Vista Ridge High School Percussion Ensemble (Hector Gil, director) BUY NOW!

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