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Answering the Call: Two New Series for Flex Band

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In the wake of COVID-19, directors around the world have been left scrambling to figure out how rehearse and perform music with their students and ensemble members when their numbers will be drastically reduced with unpredictable instrumentation. Robert Ambrose and a select group of composers quickly rallied and created the Creative Repertoire Initiative to address these concerns through a revival and reimagining of the flex band model. With all of the difficulties we are all experiencing, this has emerged as a real bright spot in the wind band community – everyone coming together with the common goal of making music.

Like everyone else in the wind band community, we felt the need to answer the call to create more flexible pieces for adaptable wind band. As such, we are thrilled to announce the official launch of our two new flex band series, each filled with adaptations of older pieces AND new original works from David Gillingham, Bruce Broughton, Luigi Zaninelli, Jack Stamp, and more!

The MaxFlex Series

The MaxFlex Series for adaptable wind band offers maximum flexibility with pieces across all grade levels, featuring 4 parts plus optional percussion. Each part is transposed and playable by any wind or keyboard percussion instrument in the ensemble. Recommended part assignments are included, but directors may “mix and match” as they see fit.

The SpectraFlex Series

The SpectraFlex Series for adaptable wind band offers flexibility with pieces across all grade levels, featuring traditional high-to-low scoring with 5 or 6 parts and optional percussion. Each part is transposed and playable by a multitude of wind or keyboard percussion instruments while maintaining the spectrum of sound we have grown to love about the wind band.

Featured Video: SPIDERWEB LEAD by Adam Silverman

Spiderweb Lead is a percussion quartet that brings together steel drum, marimba, vibraphone and a percussion accompaniment that can be played on drums of the performer’s choice such as tablas, bongos and congas, cajon, or any hand drum. In this composition, instruments are treated with nods to their ethnic origins and immersion in contemporary percussion techniques, [...]

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Composer Spotlight: ADAM SILVERMAN

An already well-established composer in his own right, ADAM SILVERMAN is known for his inventive scoring, rhythmic drive, and sophisticated yet approachable harmonic language. Take a few moments to check out several of his works for percussion. Naked and On Fire (percussion sextet) Nightmare Machine (solo drum set + track) Quick Blood (percussion quartet) Sparklefrog (percussion octet)

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C. Alan Publications Founder & President Cort McClaren Announces Retirement; Nathan Daughtrey Named as Successor

GREENSBORO, NC – November 26, 2019C. Alan Publications today announced that its Founder and President, Cort McClaren, is retiring from the company after 30 years of leading its charge. McClaren started the company in 1989 with the sole purpose of publishing new percussion music to meet the demands of a flourishing percussion market. Soon, at the [...]

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Featured Video: INNERLUDES by Dave Hall

for Melodicas and Bowed/Struck Vibraphones Performed by The University of Nebraska Percussion Ensemble (Dave Hall, director) BUY NOW!

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Composer Spotlight: DAIKI KATO

DAIKI KATO is well-known throughout Japan for his spectacular compositions and performing. Now he is making a splash across the world as everyone becomes more familiar with his works for percussion. Check out a few of them below, clicking on the titles to go to the product pages.The Last Dance (duet for marimba & multi-percussion) Ziu (solo marimba [...]

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Composer Spotlight: KAREN K. ROBERTSON

We are thrilled to welcome Karen K. Robertson to the C. Alan Publications catalog. Her recent band piece "Into the Unknown" received "Honorable Mention" in the 2018 Female Band Composition Competition. In addition to composing, Karen is currently in her ninth year of teaching. She spent eight years as a band director at Wiley Middle School in [...]

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Featured Video: CHASING INFINITY by Nathan Daughtrey

Percussion Ensemble (13 players) Performed by The Vista Ridge High School Percussion Ensemble (Hector Gil, director) BUY NOW!

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Composer Spotlight: ED KIEFER

After teaching high school band for 28 years, Ed Kiefer is now retired and uses his time to compose engaging & educational works for concert band, jazz ensemble, and percussion ensemble. He remains extremely active as an educator by traveling around the state of North Carolina and the rest of the country as a clinician [...]

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Welcome Our New Composers for 2018-19!

We are delighted to welcome the following talented composers to our catalog! They represent the best and brightest innovators in the world of music composition – whether writing for concert band, percussion, orchestra, choir, jazz, or chamber ensembles. Click on each composer's name to view their Composer Profile page & list of publications. SAM CARULLO Sonic Portrait [...]

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