Mixed Percussion

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  • State of the Art
    State of the Art $35.00 Add To Cart
    In the freely-composed State of the Art, numerous innovative techniques are employed on the part of both performers, such as bending pitches, striking the frame, blowing air in the resonators, and so on. The percussionist...
  • Three Changes
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    Three Changes is organized into three movements: …of time, …of mind, and …of place. The first movement features much unison playing and dialogue between the violin and vibraphone. The second movement...
  • Three Inventions for Flute & Percussion
    Three Inventions for Flute & Percussion $42.00 Add To Cart
    The Three Inventions for Flute & Percussion are not inventions in the Baroque sense, but rather three pieces that simply involve imitation between the two performers. The outer movements are in strict time, while the...
  • Three Maqamat
    Three Maqamat $28.00 Add To Cart
    In each of his Three Maqamat – Nawa Athar, Nakriz, and Saba Kurd – Meister uses unique techniques in both parts-such as tongue slaps, random key clicks, microtones, and so on to emulate sounds of instruments from...
  • Transitions (piano reduction)
    Transitions (piano reduction) $38.00 Add To Cart
    Transitions is a concerto that is truly an exciting and challenging work for the soloist including virtuosic material on both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. This work will captivate any audience with its...
  • Twilight Remembered
    Twilight Remembered $26.00 Add To Cart
    The coloristic and registral transformations occurring in Twilight Remembered allude to the gradually dimming hues of sunset over water. The sounds move gradually from high to low from the beginning to the end of the piece...
  • Visions and Apparitions
    Visions and Apparitions $32.00 Add To Cart
    Commissioned by Keith Aleo (Florida Philharmonic) and Nancy Stagnitta (Baltimore Opera Orchestra) for percussion and flute. Each movement of Visions and Apparitions depicts various aspects of Catholic Mysticism.Genre: Duet...
  • Wooden Triptych
    Wooden Triptych $28.00 Add To Cart
    A three-movement ode to American radio, Wooden Triptych constantly "flips" through and combines a variety of musical genres in a way listeners are sure to enjoy! The work can be performed by a variety of instruments,...