Battery Percussion

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  • Pocket Grooves (duet for bassoon & ethnic percussion) - Gene Koshinsky [DIGITAL]
    Pocket Grooves (duet for bassoon & ethnic percussion) - Gene Koshinsky [DIGITAL] $28.00 Add To Cart
    Pocket Grooves is designed with “small” in mind. The pieces are short and require small hand-held instruments for the percussionist while they also focus on simple harmony and simple melody. While these pieces...
  • Psalm 121
    Psalm 121 $52.00 Add To Cart
    Emma Lou Diemer's dramatic Psalm 121 features sweeping scales played by the organ, stately fanfares in the brass and effective swells in the timpani and suspended cymbal. A perfect showcase for the contemporary organist...
  • Psalms for Percussion & Organ
    Psalms for Percussion & Organ $46.00 Add To Cart
    Based on excerpts from four psalms, Diemer's Psalms for Percussion & Organ use the rhythmic excitement of the percussion instruments to contrast the majestic sustaining qualities of the organ.Genre: Trio for Organ &...
  • Reflection (brass ensemble)
    Reflection (brass ensemble) $42.00 Add To Cart
    Using very simple melodic ideas and solely diatonic pitches, Hirt has created a quietly majestic work in Reflection that tugs at the heart strings and ultimately builds into grandeur.Genre: Brass Ensemble & Timpani | #...
  • Shhh... (duet for marimba & drum set)
    Shhh... (duet for marimba & drum set) $24.00 Add To Cart
    Shhh... is a duo for drum set and marimba, in which the marimbist and drum set player have playful conversations. The composition ends with a nerve-racking, tension-building moment with the drummer improvising around the...
  • Spontaneity (Multi-Percussion Duet)
    Spontaneity (Multi-Percussion Duet) $25.00 Add To Cart
    Filled with angular gestures and dynamic twists, Spontaneity is a multi-percussion duet that is rewarding to both listeners and performers alike. The small set-ups for each player also make this piece an easy addition to a...
  • Three Days in May
    Three Days in May $28.00 Add To Cart
    In the musical world, the sounds of the flute and those of the majority of percussion instruments are not the closest of kin. Despite this difference in sonic quality (or more likely because of it), numerous interesting and...
  • Three Pieces for Timpani & Piano
    Three Pieces for Timpani & Piano $16.00 Add To Cart
    Unique in its scope and powerful in its musical content, Three Pieces for Timpani & Piano is accessible to a tremendous variety of players.Genre: Duet for Timpani & Piano | # of Players: 2 Level: Medium | Duration:...