Grade 3

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  • Rosehill: March (Band Gr. 3)
    Rosehill: March (Band Gr. 3) $65.00 Choose Options
    March – Rosehill was composed by the conductor of the Rosehill band, a one Colonel Albert Jakeway and was named after the premises that were occupied by the Salvation Army’s Assurance Society when they were...
  • Share My Yoke (Joy Webb/Bosanko)
    Share My Yoke (Joy Webb/Bosanko) $55.00 Choose Options
    Calling for real sensitivity both from cornet soloist and accompanying group, this is an extremely rewarding piece to play - and a moving listening experience for the audience.Genre: Solo Trumpet with Band | # of Players:...
  • Shenandoah (Leonard Ballantine)
    Shenandoah (Leonard Ballantine) $55.00 Choose Options
    A beautiful arrangement of the American folk song Shenandoah.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 2:55 InstrumentationFlute 1/2 Oboe B-flat Clarinet 1 B-flat Clarinet 2 B-flat Clarinet 3 Bass Clarinet...
  • Shine! (Band Gr. 3)
    Shine! (Band Gr. 3) $80.00 Choose Options
    Set around the spiritual ‘This little light of mine,’ Shine! will feature well on most types of concerts and will be enjoyed by all.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 3:00...
  • Sonata for Clarinet No. 2 in E-flat (Brahms)
    Sonata for Clarinet No. 2 in E-flat (Brahms) $85.00 Choose Options
    This clarinet sonata was composed in 1894 for clarinetist Richard Mühlfeld. This was an interesting time in Brahms’ life as he vowed he would retire from composing in 1890 but after he heard a performance of the Weber...
  • Song of Christmas, The (Robert Redhead)
    Song of Christmas, The (Robert Redhead) $60.00 Choose Options
    The Song of Christmas is a through setting of 3 popular Christmas carols arranged in an attractive style. The 3 carols featured are Angels from the Realms of Glory, The First Nowell and Good King Wenceslas.Genre: Band | # of...
  • Spider Legs
    Spider Legs $65.00 Choose Options
    Spider Legs is a vibrant Latin dance number that can stylistically be described as ‘Merengue House’ but perhaps it is better without any description!Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3.5 | Duration:...
  • Starry Night, A (Joy Webb)
    Starry Night, A (Joy Webb) $65.00 Choose Options
    One of the most popular Christmas songs to have been written in recent years, Joy Webb's A Starry Night was originally a huge success for The Salvation Army's 1960s pop phenomenon "The Joystrings." Andrew Mackereth has...
  • Striding Edge
    Striding Edge $65.00 Choose Options
    The composer of this march enjoys visiting the Lake District in the north of England and this attractive, toe-tapping march has taken its name from the precarious final approach to the summit of Helvellyn, the third highest...
  • Trumpet Concerto in E-flat, Mvt. I (Hummel)
    Trumpet Concerto in E-flat, Mvt. I (Hummel) $85.00 Choose Options
    Composed to demonstrate the versatility of the keyed trumpet, Hummel's concerto is an important milestone in the trumpet repertoire.Genre: Solo Trumpet with Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 / 5 solo | Duration: 10:00...
  • Waltz in A-flat (Johannes Brahms)
    Waltz in A-flat (Johannes Brahms) $55.00 Choose Options
    Brahms' beautiful Waltz in A-flat Major is an item of repertoire that is familiar to many - even if it's not known by name! Published as one of a set of 16 waltzes for piano (Opus 39:15), it has been transcribed for wind...