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The TradeWinds series has been providing quality music to Wind and Concert Bands since 2007 and features music from James Curnow and Stephen Bulla from the USA, Peter Graham and Rob Wiffin from the UK and many others besides. The music ranges from hymn tune settings to marches, big band style arrangements to newly published original compositions. We have been trading at the Mid West Clinic since 2007 and had pieces featured by the visiting bands. You can also hear and see some of the most current music available from our Youtube channel:

Our music is published in three distinct categories that represent different sizes of orchestration: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Bronze represents a basic wind ensemble with 2 flutes, 3 clarinets, Alto and Tenor Sax’s, 2 trumpets,, horns and trombones, euphonium, tuba and percussion. In addition there are non essential parts. The Silver Series includes more fuller orchestration with more essential parts and of course the Gold Series a for full Symphonic Wind ensemble. The level of difficulty for each piece is represented by a numbers from 2 - 6 that most band conductor’s will be familiar with.

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  • Concerto for Trumpet, Mvt. I (Neruda)
    Concerto for Trumpet, Mvt. I (Neruda) $75.00 Choose Options
    Johann Baptist Neruda's concerto was composed originally for the natural horn and pitched in the high register. It is now rarely performed on anything other than an E flat or B flat trumpet.Genre: Band | # of Players:...
  • Coventry Carol (Andrew Blyth)
    Coventry Carol (Andrew Blyth) $55.00 Choose Options
    This is a setting of the popular 15th century melody known as Coventry Carol. It is said that the theme for this carol is taken from the darker side of the Christmas story.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 2 |...
  • Dance Like David
    Dance Like David $75.00 Choose Options
    Andrew Mackereth's entertaining and exciting arrangement of the traditional song When the Spirit of the Lord is within my heart I will Dance as David Danced has been a very popular recent addition to Salvation Army brass...
  • Dances from the Duck Pond (Band Gr. 2.5)
    Dances from the Duck Pond (Band Gr. 2.5) $65.00 Choose Options
    The music of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’ and ‘Nutcracker Suite’ are popular pieces of seasonal music, especially at Christmas time, and here Wing Commander Duncan Stubbs, currently the Principal...
  • Daniel Rocks
    Daniel Rocks $65.00 Choose Options
    Daniel Rocks! is a swing arrangement of the popular children's Sunday school tune 'Dare to be a Daniel' and will be a popular contribution to any tyoe of wind band programme. It features a drum solo that could easily be...
  • Deck the Hall (Barrie Gott)
    Deck the Hall (Barrie Gott) $85.00 Choose Options
    This arrangement of the well-known traditional Christmas song Deck the Halls has proved popular for its originality and appeal. Originally written for brass band, it is characteristically bright in nature, reflecting the...
  • Deep River
    Deep River $65.00 Choose Options
    Deep River is a 'Count Basie' style arrangement of the well-known spiritual of the same title. William Broughton has transcribed his own work for wind band, making great use of the additional tone colours available in this...
  • Everlasting Light, The (Martin Cordner)
    Everlasting Light, The (Martin Cordner) $65.00 Choose Options
    Martin Cordner's The Everlasting Light is a reflective arrangement based on the well-known Christmas carol 'O Little Town of Bethlehem.' The title is derived from the couplet from the first verse of the carol that says, "Yet...
  • Fanfare of Praise (Robert Redhead)
    Fanfare of Praise (Robert Redhead) $65.00 Choose Options
    A Fanfare of Praise features the hymn tune of Ascalon which is often sung contemplatively but sometimes triumphantly. This setting reflects both moods. It is especially designed as an opener to a concert, where the 'fanfare'...
  • Flag of Freedom, The (Bramwell Coles)
    Flag of Freedom, The (Bramwell Coles) $75.00 Choose Options
    This march The Flag of Freedom is a fine example of Bramwell Coles' march writing. First published in 1924, it follows what is now described as a traditional march form and should be aplyed with exuberance and at a steady...
  • Glimpse of Paradise, A
    Glimpse of Paradise, A $65.00 Choose Options
    A Glimpse of Paradise is the central movement of a larger work entitled 'Sinfonietta.'Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 3 | Duration: 5:20 InstrumentationPiccolo Flute 1 Flute 2 Oboe 1 & 2 E-flat Clarinet...
  • God So Loved the World (John Stainer)
    God So Loved the World (John Stainer) $55.00 Choose Options
    This setting of the popular hymn by John Stainer, God So Loved the World, remains true to the original while adapting beautifully to the young wind band medium.Genre: Band | # of Players: Standard Level: 2 | Duration: 3:55...
  • Goldcrest
    Goldcrest $75.00 Choose Options
    Goldcrest is an energetic and lively march with a title inspired by the gold-coloured cap badge worn by Salvation Army bandsmen around the world. It features the popular chorus 'I've got joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart!'...
  • Hammond (Kenneth Downie)
    Hammond (Kenneth Downie) $75.00 Choose Options
    The hymn tune arrangement Hammond is a setting of a beautiful song 'In the Love of Jesus' with a melody by William Hammond and words by Ivy Mawby. The beautiful sequential curves of the melodic line are exploited in this...
  • I Vow to Thee, My Country (Holst/Steadman-Allen)
    I Vow to Thee, My Country (Holst/Steadman-Allen) $60.00 Choose Options
    Gustav Holst's orchestral suite The Planets is perhaps his best known and most popular composition. The them in the central section of the movement Jupiter was adapted by the composer himself to fit the words of the song and...
  • In Perfect Peace (Kenneth Downie)
    In Perfect Peace (Kenneth Downie) $70.00 Choose Options
    In Perfect Peace is a simple, yet most effective, song melody setting, which is based on words from Isaiah 26 that are often used as a benediction. Originally for brass band, the composer has re-worked the work for concert...