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  • Show-Down
    Show-Down $65.00 Choose Options
    Playable by high school through professional bands and wind ensembles alike, this very exciting and accessible composition features the percussion section. Interesting orchestration creates colors and textures for winds,...
  • Song of the Open Road (Solo Vibraphone & Band)
    Song of the Open Road (Solo Vibraphone & Band) $140.00 Choose Options
    Song of the Open Road is a colorful three-section work for solo vibraphone and wind ensemble inspired by Walt Whitman’s poem of the same title. Equally lyrical and virtuosic, this is the perfect opportunity to showcase...
  • Statement for Timpani and Wind Ensemble
    Statement for Timpani and Wind Ensemble $80.00 Choose Options
    Statement for Timpani & Wind Ensemble features both the melodic and rhythmic characteristics of timpani with a recurring theme woven throughout the work. The piece is approachable by both high school and college students...
  • Steppin' 'Round for Xylophone & Band (Anderson)
    Steppin' 'Round for Xylophone & Band (Anderson) $65.00 Choose Options
    Steppin' 'Round is a lighthearted solo with band that will showcase the xylophonist and keep the audience entertained all the way through.Genre: Solo Xylophone with Band | # of Players: Standard + 1 Level: 3 | Duration: 2:30...
  • Transitions (wind ensemble)
    Transitions (wind ensemble) $140.00 Choose Options
    Transitions is truly an exciting and challenging work for the soloist including virtuosic material on both pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments. This work will captivate any audience with its musical contrasts and...
  • Water Spirits (7 Solo Percussion & Band)
    Water Spirits (7 Solo Percussion & Band) $100.00 Choose Options
    Water Spirits is a feature for 7 percussionists and band that was inspired by the mysteries surrounding Lake Minnewanka "which translates to "water of the spirits") in the eastern area of Banff National Park (Alberta,...
  • Zarabanda
    Zarabanda $150.00 Choose Options
    Zarabanda is in several sections with a Latin style rhythm that occasionally gets interrupted by accented outbursts from the ensemble. As the piece develops and moves from section to section, new rhythmic and melodic ideas...