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  • Tuscan Serenade (FaurŽé)
    Tuscan Serenade (FaurŽé) $85.00 Choose Options
    Hauntingly beautiful, Grainger captures the essence of Fauré's Tuscan Serenade. A lovely euphonium solo sings the melody before the full ensemble expresses the mood of Tuscany and the poem that the Fauré song...
  • Vintage
    Vintage $150.00 Choose Options
    A standard solo and a mainstay for many competitions, Vintage combines Gillingham's intimate knowledge of how to write effectively for the instrument. This composition features wonderful soaring lines in the euphonium...
  • Vital Signs of Planet Earth: Concerto for Bass Trombone
    Vital Signs of Planet Earth: Concerto for Bass Trombone $250.00 Choose Options
    Vital Signs of Planet Earth is a programmatic concerto for bass trombone that seeks to depict the “vital signs” of the earth as related to global warming. Global warming is scientific fact. The level of awareness...
  • Westward Sentinel
    Westward Sentinel $150.00 Choose Options
    From its connections to Thomas Jefferson and the Lewis and Clark expedition,to the amazing architectural, engineering, and construction work that brought it to life, Westward Sentinel celebrates the magnificent Gateway Arch...
  • When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone
    When Speaks the Signal-Trumpet Tone $160.00 Choose Options
    It is said that perhaps the greatest Americans are the ones who fought in the most intense and important battle of the 20th century, World War II. Honor those who died and those who survived the horrors with this masterpiece...