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  • South to Cabo
    South to Cabo $46.00 Choose Options
    Implementing a fun melody with an "island style," South to Cabo gives variety to any program. All parts are playable by the youngest students but also offering certain challenges. Watch your students move to the fiesta...
  • Subsaharan Rhythm
    Subsaharan Rhythm $85.00 Choose Options
    Sub-Saharan Rhythm attempts to capture the spirit and emotion of the music of the sub-Saharan countries of Africa by incorporating three folk songs that are indigenous to this region: "Maiwe," "wateh eh" and a "Liberation...
  • Suite 1674
    Suite 1674 $85.00 Choose Options
    In 1674 Gaspar Sanz published his treatise on how to play the Spanish guitar. These exercises became the basis for Rodrigo’s beloved Fantasía Para un Gentilhombre for guitar and orchestra. Suite 1674 is freely...
  • Tango (band version)
    Tango (band version) $85.00 Choose Options
    Why this fascination with the tango? Perhaps it is because the tango, more than any other popular dance, often tells a story. The resulting drama and ballet-like verve captivate dancers, musicians and audiences alike. John...
  • Variations on a Scottish Folk Song
    Variations on a Scottish Folk Song $70.00 Choose Options
    Inspired by the wonderful "Variations on a Korean Folk Song" by John Barnes Chance, Variations on a Scottish Folk Song builds variations on the traditional song "Ye Banks and Braes." It has a particularly beautiful and...
  • Water is Wide, The
    Water is Wide, The $45.00 Choose Options
    Dating back to the 1700s, this Scottish folk song was initially known as “O Waly, Waly.” This free setting of The Water Is Wide connects original music with the source melody in a continuous unfolding of melodic...